HELP Rega P-7; VPI Classic 2; Scout 2 or ?

Never posted before on here, although I have been a member for several years. I need some help on deciding betwen TT and Cart. I am looking at replacing my P-3 w/Goldring 1042 with one of the following:

VPI Classic 2 w/DV 20x ( or other?)
VPI Scout 2 w/DV 20x
Rega P-7 w/?
Clearaudio Performance w/?

My set up is as follows:

Pre-amp: McIntosh C-2200 ( using internal phono pre )
Amp: McIntosh MC-300 solid state
Speakers: Vandersteen Quatro Woods
Inteconnects: Nordost Blue Heaven Rev 2
Speaker Wire: Transparent MM(not sure right now)
Power: PS Audio P-500; and two Ultimate outlets.
Stand: Arici (sic) Air suspened.
Digital: Marantz SA 8250

I listen to ALL types of music. So I need something which can handel all types of music. Moreover, since I cannot audition most of these TT due to lack of dealers, I need the communities help. Thanks so much

I have a VPI Scout and had a Dynavector 20XL cartridge. It was a match made in heaven. I can only sumrise the Dyna on the Classic would even be better.

A Well Tempered Amadeus is hard to beat at even two-plus times its price point IME.

How do you like your Vandersteen Quatro Woods? I came very close to buying a pair of those and often wish I had done so.
The C2200 only has a MM/MC HO stage. I used a P7 w/Dynavector 20XH with mine and was very content...until I traded up to the C2300/P9/Lyra Delos. I think i will stay put for a while.
I was thinking about the Dyna. How does it sound with Jazz? I was told that it's forte is rock and pop?
I love the Quatros. Had Thiel 3.6 prior. Auditioned several makes, incl the 2.4 from Thiel as well as B&W, Avalon, Merlin and Sonas Faber Cremonas. All great, but the Vandesteens were super transparent with depth and aire. Very happy so far.
I would suggest that the P5 is probably better value for the money than the P7. I would also guess that if you like the sound of your P3, that you will probably prefer the Rega sound to the VPI. Certainly both are fine tables.
I have owned a Scout(didn't like), a VPI Classic (current, and love it), and the Clearaudio Performance, which I would highly recommend. Not a big fan of the Rega's.

I would match anything with the Soundsmith cartridges, which I am now totally in love with.
I had the Clearaudio Performance SE with the ceramic magnetic bearing and Satisfy Carbon arm. At the time I had the Clearaudio Talismann V2 cart. A great little kit for $5k. Clearaudio tables are very dynamic and transparent with great bass slam. Some say they can be too analytical...I guess that depends on your system and cart. I could easliy have lived happily with that combo. I kept it less than 1 month however and took advantage of the ability to return the table/arm for a full credit towards a higher end table.

I chose to stick with Clearaudio. This time I went with the Innovation Wood Compact and their top of the line radial arm, the Universal with the VTA lift option. I could not be happier..... being able to adjust VTA on the fly is a joy. The movement is smooth with resistance like a fluid panning head for a video camera. For the cart, I did not go with Clearaudio and opted for the Shelter Harmony. It's been a great marriage and the music has never sounded better on my system.

speakers: Wilson W/P 8's
amps: Pass Labs XA 100.5 class A monoblocks
pre-amp: Mark Levinson 380S
phono-pre: Clearaudio Balance+ with the DC power accumulator power supply.
I'd pick the P7 as the RB700 is a significantly better arm than the VPI 9 IMHO
In re: Goatwuss' post, it's worth noting that the Classic II has the JMW 10.5" arm, not the 9" one. For that matter, it also includes the ability to do on-the-fly adjustments of VTA.

May or may not change anyone's opinion of the relative merits of these fine 'tables, but let's be accurate in how we are comparing them...

Happy listening!
The Classic (original version) also has the 10.5i tonearm.

Once again, I would take the Classic or especially the Clearaudio Performance over any Rega table.
The Classic (original version) also has the 10.5i tonearm.

Once again, I would take the Classic or especially the Clearaudio Performance over any Rega table.
I am partial to Rega tables - never have been a fan of the VPI sound. No experience with the Clearaudio tables. Bottom line - you need to listen and make your own decision. The P7 is a major step up from the P5 (I have owned both - now own the P9: huge improvement over the P7).
Thanks for all of the advise gents. I am going to settle on one this week. I will post my decesion!
I don't want to confuse you more, but you can also think Michell Gyro/Gyrodec. Very versatile table indeed.

Good luck with your decision. :)
In this price class the Well Tempered Amadeus stands tall.
I've owned TT/arms costing nearly 3 times the WTA and it is without a doubt the best of the bunch.
OK guys. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a VPI Classic 2 w/ring clamp. Also ordered an Ortofon 2M Black, which matches perfrctly with the phono stage in my McIntosh C-2200 pre-amp. I will post my impressions the moment I mount and set up the table. Thanks!
Congrats Bosco, you are going to love the Classic. My only caveat, is how well shielded is the Ortofon you ordered? The motor being mounted in the plinth means it's not well shielded and you get some hum with unshielded cartridges. I had that problem with the excellent Grado Statement The Reference 1. On Michael Fremmer's recommendation I bought one of the Soundsmith Cartridges (VPI Zephyr, made specifcally for the Classic), and it has been truly a spectacular pairing. Dead quiet, huge soundstage, great detail, and a ton of slam.

Good luck.
Grados tend to hum on MANY 'tables, i.e. Linns, Regas, etc. I wouldn't blame the Classic because the Grado hums. I'd be hard pressed to name another cart with the same issues.