Help: Records too big for the VPI 16.5

Just bought a used VPI 16 here and it appears to have the 16.5 upgrade (has a grey lid and a swiveling, self adjusting arm on a spring.)
Something strange is happening. I cleaned 30 LPs just fine but today, while brushing, the platter was actually moving around. I lifted the platter off after unscrewing the 3 screws (which were very loose) and exposed the metal sheet with the motor's silver disc attached. The metal had 4 holes BUT NO SCREWS.
I placed 4 screws in to the already drilled holes and everything solid. I threw on a few records but now the records seem too large for the VPI. The wand's black base bezel gets stuck on the LP and cant contact the LP. Do I let the platter roam again? Shave material off the bezel? Seen this before?
If I understand you correctly, you are stating that the larger disc that the spring pushes against from beneath is actually contactimg the edge of the LP? Are you sure you have a genuine VPI wand. Although I have never seen anyone else make on with the exception of Walker. I can't imagine that the center hole pin has moved closer to the wand/vacuum port. Are you sure you got everything back in place when you re-installed the platter? Contact Mofimadness, he has an older 16 or 16.5 and knows these things inside and out. He may be able to direct you to a solution.
Sounds like you either put the platter on wrong or somehow the platter has shifted towards the pickup tube. Once you screwed in the missing four screws, that assembly was probably off just enough to shift the whole platter. You might need to redrill those four screw holes to move the platter back to the other side a little. That was probably why the screws had been taken out. Shouldn't be to tough to do.
One thought now that MoFi has brought it up. Is it possible those 4 holes are drilled off center and is it possible to rotate the plate and refasten it. It may be a
excentric position from the center to the edge. It doesn't sound like you are that far off. What about 1/8" ?
The only holes under the platter are the original 4 holes on the black surface of the VPI. The platter appears to be solidly fastened to the circular disc on the motor drive. If this is in fact an upgrade, is it possible that the person that did the upgrade put the new wand in too far to the left?

Here is a video of my VPI in action, with a record that shows the problem:

And here are some pics of the guts of my VPI:
Weird...sorry about the picture links. Fore some reason they all posted as the video link. Here are the real links:
Ryanlesser, Is sounds very possible that the person who modded your model 16 to 16.5 status made errors in assembly-installation?

I wish to help, with a list of measurements from a genuine VPI 16.5, and let's see how they compare? I should note, VPI should as well be able to provide, and confirm these simple measurements, particularly, what the Pivot-Spindle distance is on a 16.5 RCM.

Firstly, the inside width of my 16.5 from left to right inner wall is exactly 14.5".

The center of Spindle to center of Vacuum Tower Pivot is exactly 7-1/16".

The right side of vaccum tower bezel edge, to the right inner wall of my machine is exactly 1/4". (ample clearance that the bezel does not rub the right inner wall)

With Record mounted on my Platter, which is a custom acrylic platter, but exactly the same dimensions as the original 16.5 platter, the record's left edge is exactly 7/16" away from the left inner wall, and 2-3/16" away from the right inner wall of the machine.

I think what ever way you approach it, the Spindle to Vacuum Wand Pivot distance will be what's important, and will be largely dependent upon how wide the inside of machine is, to be able to re-mount the Motor Mounting Plate further to the left? (without the record now rubbing the left inner wall of the machine?)

It may mean slightly enlarging the hole for the Motor, with either a dremel tool, a sabre saw, or roto zip tool in order to slightly shift the entire Motor itself to the left, slightly away from the Vacuum Wand Tower? One could simply epoxy-bondo the existing mounting holes for Motor Mounting Plate, and start over.

Hope this helps, Mark
Can anyone tell me the amount of the wand's suction channel hangs off the LP? I want to use this to check my positions.

I used these measurements and all of them are the same except the Spindle to center of Vacuum Tower Pivot. In fact, that one does not even seem like it is possible on this machine. That said, after doing the measurements and some test cleanings I am pretty certain that something went wrong. The wand seems to be in the same exact position as the one mentioned above, but the motor seems like it needs to be pushed so far to the left that the original holes are no longer visibly through the motor's base plate holes. Oy.
Hello, I just checked again, and came up with these other measurements for you. The Circular Delrin Wand Tower Bezel, that sits above the Coil Spring is 1-1/4" diameter.

And the distance from the left edge of the Bezel, to the very edge of a LP Record Mounted on the Platter, is 1/4" (.250")

Yes, as I earlier explained, you will no doubt have to remount the Platter Motor further to the left to get these crucial dimensions that I mention in this post, and my earlier post. Provided you have enough room to shift the entire Motor, and Motor Mounting Plate to the left, and still have clearance with the record at the left side of the machine's inside wall. Yes you will have to make four new holes, and re-attach the Motor Mounting Plate.

The difference of how far one could actually shove the Clear Acrylic Vacuum Wand into the Tower should be minimal, perhaps +- 1mm, or so, and shouldn't effect fluid removal to any great degree. Again, hope this helps. Mark