Help Recommendations - Home Theater/ Music Listen

I am not current on the latest A/V equipment and need some help desperately. I have considered many options and am now more confused than ever. Please be provide me your thoughts.

I have a 17'x17'x 10.5'(H) room (I know its not ideal) that I want to use for a home theater and listen to music. I would like the best equipment within reason to achieve high quality audiophile quality sound for music listening while also working to serve as the equipment for the theater. I have tight space constraints for my speakers and my wife would like the speakers to be hidden or as minimally intrusive as possible (especailly compared to my old Martin Logan Monoliths. I listen to all types of music. I am fortunate to not have budget constraints but do not want to be wasteful. I have looked at a number of different options as you will see below and need help badly.

- Martin Logan Voyage - Are they true audiophile quality and how do they work for home theater.
- Sonus Faber Annives. Amati - Do they have enough bass? Will they really work for HT? Are they worth the $. They are not small but are attractive.
- Meridian - DSP3100 - Are they true audiophile? The 8000s sound good but not great.
- What are the best smaller speakers with a rich, clean, warm, dynamic sound at a somewhat reasonable price?
- Center Channel - Can I mount in the ceiling immediately in front of the screen if the top of the veiwing area of the screen is 3-3.5 ft. below and achieve the correct sound.
- REL or MArtin Logan???

- Meridian 801V4
- Luxman
- Theta
- Halcro

- Halcro
- Theta
- Classe
- Luxman

- Meridian 800V4
- Other Options?

Cables - No Clue

Projector - Sony Vpl-Vw100

Screen - I need an electric 84-88" diagonal screen that will fit in a 6"x6" space. Is a Stewart really better?

Plasma (50") - No clue.

I appreciate your candidate thoughts.

FWIW I would start buy building a top quality 2 channel system and then integrate your HT with it. Purchase a Pre Amp or integrated with a HT bypass. This allows for a connection from your AVP to the bypass input and uses just your amplifer to power the mains when watching movies.

As far as speakers you want them all voiced the same. So I would go with 5 speakers from the same manufacture. As far as mounting the center speaker on the ceiling. Alot of that depends on your injunity and a mounting bracket. The speaker should be angled toward the listening possition, other then that there should not be a problem. As for a sub as long as it is just for movies I would give Velodyne a listen.

I will not recomend components for a couple of reasons. 1 is I have not heard any of the gear you are looking at except for the SonusFaber. 2 only you can be the judge as to what sounds good to you. So get out there and listen, that is the fun part IMHO anyway.

I have my system set up this wa 2 CH integrated with HT and am very pleased with the results.

Good Luck with your search.