Help!! Purist Audio Design Speaker System


I have a rare Purist Audio Design Satellite and sub woofer speaker system I have had for a few years and I have never seen another system like mine and/or could not get any information on them. I was told they where made by the same person who makes purist design audio cables. I emailed him a few years back, but he never sent me any information about the speaker system.

The system is a 2 channel set-up with 2 satellite and two sub woofers and when properly driven, sound fantastic. The speaker system is built like a panzer tank with the satellite stands made from solid steel tubing and the subs are filled with sand I think and they weight a ton. I have some pictures of the system and would love to find out anything I could about them. I am thinking of putting them on the market. Any information would be appreciated.

I never heard of them before, but there is a guy from Dearborn Heights, MI who is trying to sell this exact setup on US Audiomart for $600!!! ;^)

Good luck!!
I emailed Jim at Purist Audio Design and he said he made this system back in the Mid 90's and it was called the Quartesense System and was nice enough to email me the original spec sheet on the system. I updated the US Audiomart listing along with the price.

I have taken very good care of these and they still sound wonderful when driven properly and I am asking $1,000 for the system or best. It would be hard pressed to find a system like this for that kind of money.

Only downside is they weight a ton, each satellite with the steel stand weights around 90 lb's and the subs are around 60 lb's each.