Help Progressive player problem.

I have a Toshiba 9200 progessive DVD player connected to my Philip 64" HDTV with a Harmonic Technology RCA to BNA component cable.When I switch to Progressive mode I get 2 pictures(side by side)! the manual said that once in a while this will happen and that you have to switch from auto to video and that should end it but it happened to every dvd I tried.Can anyone help?
Which manuel is saying this? Interesting. Did you try the PIP? If you do not have good luck hear try AVSFORUM.COM or HOMETHEATERSPOT.COM.
Question... Are you sure your TV can output progressive scan?

Some HD sets upconvert everything to 1080i. My Sony upconverts everything to 1080i and if I put my DVD player into progressive mode, I get two pictures side by side.

Good Luck!