Help: processor upgrade from Aragon Soundstage

I am ready to make the leap to 1080p, blue-ray and HDMI. My current setup is an Aragon Soundstage powered by a Pass Labs x350 and Aragon 8008x3. My upgrade will require changing the processor, projector and purchasing a blue ray play. I am looking for processor that will do good job managing the video switching but it must also do an excellent job on 2 channel audio. I will also be purchasing a mid level projector and a PS3 for blue-ray.

Any help with identifying a handful of processors to evaluate would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a budget? Generally conforming processors run from about $1500 up.

As a former Soundstage(and Stage 1)owner,I can tell you that you are going to have a tough time equaling the excellent 2 channel performance of the Soundstage at anywhere near it's price.I have not been able to equal or exceed that level of quality since I sold mine three years ago.

My Soundstage was sold to provide upconversion to component video.Then I moved on to HDMI.
My current Integra DHC 9.9 is an all around outstanding performer.It does a nice job with 2 channel in the Direct mode,but nowhere near as good as the Soundstage.

Since I have sold the Soundstage,I have been through the Stage 1,Denon 4306 Receiver,Pioneer Elite 59 AVi receiver,Onkyo TX-NR905 Receiver and now the Integra Pre- Pro.Only the Elite 59 AVi came close.

I do keep a seperate 2 channel reference system for those rare moments when I have time for critical listening.
You might look at the Sim Audio piece, or the Krells. If two channel and AV in one box is your desire, these will keep you in the same caliber or better from the Soundstage.
I also had the Soundstage in my system before, as well as upgraded Acurus ACT 3, Macintosh MX130, and others in the past. So, familure with the sound your likely after from analog