Help Proceed AVP2 fuse burn out

Turned off my Proceed AVP2 to clean the dust around the area, when I plugged it in again to try and turn it on it was dead. I opened it and noticed two fuses inside, one was burnt. Went to radio shack purchased the same fuse but it keeps burning out also. Any ideas?
There's only ONE fuse in my AVP2, I don't know where you got the other one? My is a small 2A slow-blow a few inches from the AC input. What size did you replaced your with?
That's strange I have 2 fuses in mine right near the AC input, they are each 250V 1A slow-blow. I replaced the burnt one and when I powered the system on the second fuse burnt out. Tommorow I will replace the second fuse, something does not seem right here.
After a couple of tries and blown fuses, don't keep installing fresh ones and applying power without diagnosing the cause, or you risk doing additional, costly damage. I gave this same advice to a member on another forum who did not heed my warning, and just kept installing new fuses and powering his amp up over and over. He ended up seeing a show of sparks, flame and smoke.
I called Mark Levinson, they said you are suppose to replace both fuses at the same time. He told me to replace the second one and it should be good to go. When I get back home Ill pick up another fuse and give it a shot. If the fuse blows again I will have to send it in for service. A component might be failing in the system, they told me it's rare but possible, the Unit I have looks MINT and very well cared for. I hope its just a fuse, the repair could cost over $600
Be careful sending the unit back to Proceed for repair if you have to, I hope you never have to though. They will initially charged you $600 and the repair fee will be extra.
Good news replaced the other burnt fuse and it works great. Guy from Mark Levinson was on the money, he told me always replace both fuses together and you should be good to go, he knew what he was talking about, he said it should be fine, he never even checked my AVP2 but he was certain about it. What a relief, the repair would cost more than what I purchased the unit for. Thanks for all your help :-)