help proceed avp2 flash reset needed.

hope someone here can help in solving my problem.
yesterday my proceed avp2 suddenly had all the lights on at the same time and the display is stuck at garbage letters.
nothing changes when i press the buttons or restart.

As im located in a country that has no proceed dealers within a few thousand miles and the fact that sending it out would involve heavy cash and customs formalities for export. therefore sending out might cost as much as the unit!!!!

i was wondering if anyone will help/guide me to reset the flash. im not worried to open up the unit.Is there a special way to just reset teh flash?
im pretty sure that its just the flash that is spoilt due to the electricity spiking during the storm.


shahed karim
Have you tried unplugging it for 15 minutes or more? I have a PAV/PDSD pair that will occasionally get out of synch for reasons I don't understand. Shutting down power for a time seems to reset everything.

tried that , no luck

im very sure the reset of the flash will fix the problem though.

If you go to www, and post this same question in the AUDIO SECTION- amps,receivers,processors-THREAD "best sounding pre/pro in different price ranges" they will be able to help you. TK
Shut it down for the night. I am not an EE, but; my AVP2 did the same. The volume indicator was reading four letters. Tried shutting down for a few minutes, no effect. Shut it down overnight to let the system expend all energy and it works fine now. Can't go's free>
Here is a link how to complete the reset. It's not a clean copy, but if you need one, just contact me on here or email Proceed and they can send you a copy.
Hi shahed karim,
My AVP2 did the exact same thing the other night. All lights are on and do not do function. The unit functions w/ the remote. I spoke to Harmond specialty group and they recommended return for service to a repair facility
Service Bench
227 Carnegie Row
Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 769-4337

Have you found a way to fix it yet?