Help problem with Soundlab Dynastats

So I just helped my non-audiophile dad hook up his Soundlab Dynastats which were previously connected to a Yamaha DSP A1 receiver to his new improved setup consisting of a Bryston Sp1.7 and 9B ST REG 5 channel amp. The speakers had to come up from the basement to the main floor, a move which I wasn't involved with. When I hooked the Dynastats up to the Bryston Electronics, they sounded totally muffled, both speakers. Terribly wrong. I hooked a couple of pairs of cheaper speakers to the Brystons and they sounded fine. Adjusted the bias and tone controls on the Dynastats - no improvement. Any ideas? Apparently they were sounding absolutely great with the Yamaha just a few weeks ago.....
Here a link that might help. See Audiokinesis post.
Try the Yamaha again and see if it still sounds OK.
I assume that you let them charge up for a bit...I had the 3s and when the bias was off or they had been unplugged for a while, they sounded like you described.

Hope you get them going. They're nice speakers
Sounds to me like either the panels aren't getting charged up, or the signal from the amp is not reaching them, or both. My first guess would be that one or more of the wires going from the panels into the electronics is not pushed into its socket all the way. Suggest you double-check those connections if you haven't already.
thanks for the responses - I'll get him to check connections first - it does actually sound like the panels aren't charged, although I did get the crackling sound when adjusting the bias. It's like somebody has turned the treble all the way down on a car audio receiver. I agree these are outstanding speakers in their class - so I would like to get them fixed!
I still say try your old amp. If the speakers were damaged in the move upstairs, what are the chances that both speakers took the exact same kind of damage?