Help - ProAc D15s or Revel F32s

Trying to decide between these two speakers. Have spent time listening to both and am struggling. The ProAcs are very musical, at the cost of losing some definition, while the Revel's didn't seem to do anything wrong, just felt that they weren't as up-front as the ProAcs. Using Mac gear with them in a HT setup which will be used 50:50 music/HT. Thanks in advance.
Hi Robk
I have been using a pair of Proac D15 in my system for a year now. My system has been designed with both music and AV in mind. The Proacs are star performers. I could never go back to lesser speakers but don`t feel that I need upgrade either. I love them. The downward firing bass port makes positioning simple. I actually prefer the sound to their bigger sibling the D25.

I am using the following equipment:

MYRYAD MDP500 G6 Processor
MYRYAD MA500 Power Amp
MYRYAD MCD600 CD player

I can`t comment on the Revel F32s. Try and audition a few cables with the Proacs. I found vast differences. Finally settled with Cable Talk Concert biwire. Good luck.

Just compared Revel F32s to Dynaudios using Naim equipment and listening to Gorecky's 3rd symphomy. In comparison, the Revels delivered a much richer presentation and emotional (in the piece) feeling. I thought they were outstanding.

I currently own Proac tablets and a Sunfire subwoofer everthing else being Naim.

What differences are you finding between the Proac D15s and the Revel F32s?