Help pricing a set of horns

Getting closer to completing a set of Oris horns (150's) I have been working on for a couple of years in my spare time and I am ready to move to another speaker project. I have no clue what the horns with the woofer enclosures should fetch and was hoping I could get some insight from some of you what they are going for. The horns were painted using an automotive base/clear coat white with pearl. The rear of the horn was wrapped in an  Anigre Wood Veneer and the speaker terminals are copper Cardas binding posts. The woofer cabinet is also finished in the  Anigre Wood Veneer and uses 1" copper pipe (filled with sand for deadening) for the base/stands for the horn. The woofer is a 15" with a 98db sensitivity. Not sure how to include photos or I would do so. On something like this, being a DIY type thing what have you seen others base their price off of? Thanks for the help.

DIY speakers don't have much resale value unless the buyer has heard them and likes them.

You might be better off selling the individual component parts piecemeal. 

That's what I was thinking, they do not come up often enough to get a descent idea what they are selling for. Thanks for the input.
Yes I agree,it even applies to vintage speakers...I cant count how many times Ive had Altecs,JBLs,Jensens from the 50s and 60s that had no interest on every site I listed them..raped them out and doubled the initial asking price..people have no visison,lol
I always hated selling the speakers with the drivers, it always means I have to break in another set.