HELP? Powered Sub/Sat for Laptop System

Anyone know how "good" the amplifiers are in the Cambridge Soundworks subs? I have a Basscube 821; the specs are listed as a 3-channel B.A.S.H. digital hybrid amplifier. With 150 watts of power to the 8 inch sub and 60 watts per channel to the Sats.

I was thinking of using a pair of AV123 x-ls with the sub. connecting it to the audio out on my laptop and also with an iPod dock?
If I owned a powered sub w/built-in power amplifiers for sats, I would start by buying a pair of these:

Read the reviews! They use technology licenced from Mirage and they are very much like the Omnisats. Heck, buy them for $39 and if you don't love them, I'll buy 'em from you for $20! You'd be out $20 for the experiment, but you will probably love them and will have saved yourself a couple of hundred bucks. BTW, the x-ls is listed as "sold out" on the AV123 web site.