Help! Power supply woes

I have a tube preamp in which the transformer went out. I'd love to replace it myself, but I don't have the technical knowledge or resources (company out of business - Audio Innovations) It was a great little preamp, and I'd like to use it in my office. I do know that it has dual secondaries (12V?), and there are four input leads. One went to ground on the chassis, two went to one contact on the power switch, and the fourth went to another contact on the power switch. Could someone PLEASE explain the parameters of this transformer to me if possible with the info provided. Hell, I can solder, and I want this unit up and running. It is the L-1 model, in case anyone is familiar with it. I was given the name Tom Tutay as a potential resource for this unit, but have not been able to locate him. Please e-mail me directly at [email protected] Thanks, -John
John, How did you determine that it was the transformer? If the transformer is properly fused, it's pretty rare for the transformer to open. My dad's preamp that I fixed a couple of weeks ago had a bad bridge rectifier. I hope is something else in the power supply other than the transformer. Richard
As you can see from my email, I live in the UK - I'm also a Audio Innovations fan and one of the reasons is that you can still get full service backup despite their valve amps no longer being made. Definitive Audio in Brighton is the place to contact, if you email me I can give you full details, but their tel is +44 (0) 1273 276716.