Help position rear speakers properly

My house has a less than ideal set-up for HT and the living room (where my HT is located) opens into the kitchen. I have a counter that divides the two rooms and my listenting position is just in front of it. To make matters worse, at about 6' to my right, from my listening position, the wall angles abut 45 degrees toward the front of the room. The only place I had for rear speakers was in the ceiling with both speaker to the sides and maybe just a little behind my listening position. The RR is about 3' closer than the LR. I have Sonance TR-4000's which have a rotatable tweeter and my question is which direction should I point them. Toward the listening position, just in front of the listening position, straight down, forward? BTW, my ceiling is 14' and there is a 3' ledge that comes down from the ceiling at the point where the living room and kitchen intersect (my rear speaker are both mounted just in from of this ledge. I watch movies in DD/DTS approximate 80% of the time, but I also use my system for DVD concerts and multichannel SACD. Advise/assistance appreciated.
If the rear speakers are ceiling mounted, couldn't you move the the LR closer to match the distance of the RR? If the tweeters are rotatable, you might want to try (emphasis on try) actually pointing them away from you and having the sound reflect off the back wall. You can experiment with angles to compensate for the angled wall. FWIW, I personally wouldn't even bother. I'd stick with two channel. IMHO poorly executed surround sound is worse than well executed stereo.