Help pls:Theta Casablanca I versus II & RCA output

Hi, long time audiophile but new to Theta Casablanca. My Krell HTS has just stopped working and am thinking of trying out a Theta. Questions for the experts please:

1. My cables are all single ended/RCA. Do all Casablanca I and II have single ended/RCA connectors for outputs? I've seen pictures of the back of units for sale and it seems for each of the channel output there would be an XLR connector and beneath would be 2 RCA connectors. What's that all about? Why 2?

2. It seems Casa I is going for 750 and Casa 2 around 1250? What are the main differences between the 2 units please?

3. I assume all Casa have DTS and remote control?

4. Anyone has any experience for Krell HTS 5.1 versus Theta Casablance?

Thanks in advance.
In simple terms, the Theta DAC's with only the XLR connectors are the Xtreem Dac's, those with an XLR and one RCA are the Superior Dac's, and those with an XLR and two RCA's are the Standard Dac's.

The Casablancea II's and III's simply have improved Dac's and more features like DTS... for example. Every Casablanca will be different based on the options the initial buyer choose.

All this and more are explained and pictured in Theta's website.