HELP, Pls - re Automatic Turntables, Vintage/New

Am new to Audiogon but most impressed with the expertise reflected in these posts... Hope you can help me. I'm looking to replace a vintage Denon DP-52F turntable (fully automatic), owned by my 90-year old father.

My dad is an avid audiophile who has traded well over the past 50+ yrs... System includes Audio Research receiver (no model # on face but its '80s-era combination tube & transistor unit), McIntosh MC2505 Power Amp & a McIntosh 2100 amp, McIntosh MR-67 FM tuner (tubes), 2 original Altec-Lansing VOTT speakers (A7s), and 2 Tannoy speakers, one being the classic GRF Corner Horn.

Turntable has been the weakest link... In part because, as he's aged, hands have become unsteady; he needs an automatic table to position the arm for him.

Would be MOST grateful for suggestions on possible replacements for his DP-52F Denon. Have thought to look for other vintage/automatic Denons, but parts availability seems to range from spotty to nil. Have also considered Technics, such as SL-1300MK2/1600MK2... But apparently they have common problem with cueing & auto-lift(costly fix).

Any thoughts on other makes/models to look for -- vintage or new -- would be appreciated. We have a modest budget (up to perhaps $600, give or take)... But dearly hope to find something that will sound as good as that old Denon.

Many thanks!!!
Try the current crop of Thorens; in the past they had semi/auto tables.
Thanks for the Thorens suggestion, I appreciate it. I have read about a relatively new-model Thorens, the TD 190-1 (apparently sister to the Dual CS455); believe these tables are indeed fully automatic. Unfortunately, I've not seen any reviews or reactions favorable enough to encourage me to buy.

Still, it is a possibility to consider... And I'm grateful for the input. Thanks --
I owned a Thorens 190 for a few months as an interim table. The tonearm limits your cartridge choices, but it was perfectly serviceable with the OEM Ortofon OMB-10, and could have easily been upgraded to the OM-40 with just a stylus change. Quiet, good speed control, and smooth tonearm setdown and pickup.

Is it as good as your Denon? Doubtful, but it's a case of "they just don't make them like that anymore". The Thorens is mostly plastic, as are most of the current automatic tables. If someone tried to duplicate your Denon today, it would probably cost $1500.

If you're willing to buy used, just get another DP-52F. There's one for sale right now for $125:
Thanks very much for additional thoughts on the Thorens, perhaps I should relook it as a prospect... But I think you've hit the big issue on the head, "they just don't make 'em like they used to"... And I'm afraid my dad would find that disappointing.

I did look at the 52-F currently listed on Audiogon, but its operational condition sounds questionable. Do-it-yourself repairs are beyond me... So we might be trading one inoperable 52-F for another that could soon be in similar shape.

Used market may be the best bet though, and the only way to get something close to the quality we'd like for what the budget allows. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Comparing one "don't make 'em like they used to" table with another -- how would you say the old Denons (like the 52-F) compare with the old Technics, like the SL-1300MK2/1600MK2...?

Are these pretty much comparable tables...?
Speaking of auto 'tables. My dad has a Markel turntable that plays both sides of an LP automatically, without flipping over the LP. It can stack up to 6 records enabling listening to 12 sides without leaving your chair. Get one of these and you can still use an automatic 'table. Alas this beautiful mechanical marvel from the 1950s, which as I recall also plays 78s, will not improve the sound of that fine system you have.

How do you like your Tannoy speakers?
If your budget is $600 and you're looking at Technics, you can buy a new Technics 1200 from KAB:

I haven't heard one, but a number of users here have them and seem very happy with them, claiming that with mods they can compete at a very high level.
Tubes108 --

Thanks for sharing that info about the Markel... It does indeed sound like a mechanical marvel! Don't know what the odds are of finding such a thing in operable condition, but one never knows.

As for the Tannoys, they are wonderful. They are very rich & mellow-sounding... More subtle, less "bright" than my dad’s two Voice of the Theatres. The massive old GRF Corner horn deserves its reputation as a classic; I can't remember the model # of my dad's other Tannoy, but it is also a big cabinet... Not certain, but I think it has the same 15" dual concentric horn as its larger (and older) brother.

I read a comment recently from someone who once owned a pair of the GRF Corner horn cabinets – said, "I had to sell them to buy a house! I should have rented instead."

Along those lines, glad my dad still has his original Altec-Lansing VOTT A7s... Noticed that A-L is now selling "replicas" of these for more than $12K a pair.

Armstrod --

Thanks for the lead on Technics 1200, I'll check it out. Is it an automatic though, or manual...? My dad's need for auto-functioning is a big constraint, sound quality-wise & in terms of choices... But at 90, I'm just glad his audiophile’s ear has held up better than the steadiness of his hands! Thanks for suggestion--
There's a mint, very low hours, DP-45f on Ebay right now that I would grab if the bidding stays reasonable. Perfectly good table, pretty much the same as a 52f - and even ultra-mint ones are usually under $300.

(I have no relation to the seller.)
Opalchip,thanks -

I'll take a look at the 45-F. Believe that model wasn't quite as nice as the 52-F, though I can't tell you exactly what the differences were.... Must have been something, based on price though... The 45-F came out about 2-yrs after the 52-F, and sold for around $350 new (vs $500-some for the 52-F). Still, worth a look. Thanks!
There is a Micro Seiki DD-31 semi automatic table for sale right now on Audiogon. I've owned a DD-33 since new in '78 and it is still in use on one of my systems. Great table. Check it out. I do not believe you'd be disappointed.
A good B&O 4002 turntable is just what you grandfather needs and would appreciate. Fully automatic, and large controls and it sounds just as good as the other automatic turntables recommended, but looks much better.
Thank you for this... I am not familiar with the make or model you mentioned. Will check it out; I appreciate the suggestion!
Whoops, the response above was intended for "Sit", regarding the Micro Seiki -- new to me.

To "Inpepinnovations", I am of course familiar with B&O but only in general... Don't know the 4002. Will do a little homework on that one. I've heard some folks say B&O units are more about style than substance, but I have no experience of my own to weigh that against. I know plenty of other people who love them. Maybe it all comes down to which model you're dealing with. Again, my thanks...!