Help, Plinius SA102 and Dynaudio 1.3SE?

Can somebody tell me something abot synergy with Plinius SA102 and Dynaudio 1.3SE?
Thanks to everybody
Should work very well. I've had a Plinius SA250 Mk.IV with my Dynaudio Contour 3.3's. Wonderful combination. I've heard the the 1.3 SE and really like them. They're the best speaker in their size, that I've heard.
I heard the Plinius in a system with ARC CDP-3, LS25 MKII and B&W N802 speakers and it was killer. The system had mucho dynamics and details probably a combination of the system but the amp had a good hand in it.
I never owned the SA 102 and the 1.3SE but I used to have the 1.3Mk II amplified by the Plinius 8200MkII with analysis plus oval 9 cables, MF A3CD cd player and DH Labs interconnects.

I was happy with the system for a long time. Bass was very deep...but can be boomy with the incorrect positioning of speakers. I never felt i needed a sub with that speaker and amp combination. I heard the SE goes lower so you'll probably not need a sub as well (depending on room size of course, mine is 14wx8hx22l).

The mids were very very pleasing to the ears. I never experienced any ear fatigue. Female vocals were quite involving.

I tried the contour 1.8s in the same set up and ear fatigue set in. Perhaps my room was too small for the 1.8s but i really dont have a clue as to why the 1.8s sounded different.

The only reason i sold the 1.3Mk II was because i listened to the Mini Utopia... I liked the highs of the utopia more and everything sounded clearer and had a more "live" sound.

But for the price, i think the 1.3MkII is a good deal and some people say that the 1.3SE is even way better. BTW, why not consider the special 25 as an option. I heard these speakers in Hong Kong and the bass was very deep. But wasnt impressed as much as when i heard the mini utopias (maybe bec the special 25 set i auditioned was just a week old and havent been broken in).

However, i am now thinking of changing my plinius amp as i feel that the JMs would sound sweeter with yba or conrad johnson. The plinius is more of a muscle amp (with refinement of course) which matches well with the 'hard to drive' dyns.

Hope this helps you even if its not the exact same components that you wanted to know about.