Help Please With Choosing An Integrated Or Separates For My Secondary Sysytem

Hi all and sorry for the typo in the title. I would highly appreciate some guidance here. My secondary system in my man cave, is used for listening when I’m working on building models.There are times I listen to this set up more than my main system. While it might not be dedicated listening, I am very aware of the music and I like it to sound as good as possible. In fit of nostalgia I assembled this system on the used market and it consists of vintage Yamaha components, new Wharfedale stand mounted speakers, an new Onkyo cd player, an Acurus outboard phono stage, and a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon TT with an Ortofon Blue cart. My beloved Yamaha CA-810 is acting up even though I had it serviced a few months back. So I was thinking of another integrated to replace it in this particular system. I’ve compiled a short list from looking at used gear. Please comment on the choices and add other models if you deem them better choices.

Creek 5350 SE
Rotel RA-1520
Onkyo A-9070
Musical Fidelity A3
Musical Fidelity A3.2
PS Audio GCC-100
The least expensive is the NAD the most is the PS Audio.All are within my comfort zone of under 1K. I find myself edging towards one of the Musical Fidelity amps, the Rotel, or PS Audio. Thanks and I look forward to all opinions and advice.

the fundamental nugget of wisdom around here is always, ;'which one have you heard, and of them which do you like best?'

if none is the reply, and you'll be picking in the blind, pick out from the more popular ones so reselling it won't be as much a problem should it turn out its not to your liking.

Good luck
+1 on blindjim's first comment. I have heard an older and expensive Musical Fidelity M6 500i and it was truly spectacular.
I have not heard any of them though I did have the MF A3cr pre amp for years. I liked it a lot and only parted ways with it due to finding the pre amp that matched my power amp.  Not quite sure which on my list is most popular. I want to best sounding amp for the least amount of money AKA value.  That said I agree on the re sale issue.
Very happy with my Exposure 2010S integrated. Have seen examples used. Check out Stereophile reviews. Would suggest a separate phono pre stage.
Seems you have no need for onboard DAC or phonostage. Therefore I would put my money on a line level only integrated. 

Music Direct has new NAD326BEEs for sale at $450. Also the NAD 356 here on AG looks good to me.