Help please with AC line voltage problems......

I am really lost on this one. I recently had my ARC VT200 go ballistic (a tube went and put on quite a fireworks show). When I took it to my tech he said it was probably becouse our city power is so bad (sagging very much in the day and spiking at night). This voltage corruption is in turn multiplied in the driver tubes of my amp (BAD), and can cause some serious problems.

I currently run my amp straight into a dedicated 20amp line. I have benn thinking of a power conditioner/surge suppressor/voltage regulator but really don't know what to get. I don't want to limit the current on my amp (which draws a lot). I have heard that products like those from PS audio do good and bad things to the sound, and use a lot of power themselves.

My tech suggested an autoformer, does anyone use such a device?

I really need help here......... I dont want this happening again....... There are so many claims to great sound out there, but who's approach is right?

Does anyone use the Furman units (I see them quite often in pro-sound applications but not in the home)? Also I am wondering about the Shunyata Hydra (new model)

Thanks in advance
The Panamax 5510 has outlets just for amps that do not limit current.
I could be wrong here but I seem to remember the power supply for the driver tubes is regulated. If it is the case than the voltage frustrations should not matter.

Does anyone have a schematic of the VT200 to confirm that?
I use the Hydra (not the new model) and find it "opens" up the sound and creates an amazing soundstage. Highly recommended and built beautifully.

Good luck--sorry to hear about your firework display.
I'm not sure that these addess the under/over voltage problems. Monster makes a variac that self adjusts to line voltage, model 2000 or something. This would keep the voltage constant in the face of a variable incoming line. You could use it in concert with a line conditioner also.
Exactpower Ep-15a, done deal!
You would need a very high current self-adjusting voltage regulator for what you are using. Given the size of your amp and the fact that you have other components to run, you might even need / want to run two of these devices. I know that Monster makes something like this, but don't know if you would like it as it does have some side-effects that come along with it.

Other than that, i would invest in a Kill A Watt AC measurement device. These are VERY handy and i purchased one at Radio Shack a while back. I can't seem to find it on their website, but they may still be selling them. It will give you an instaneous read-out of the voltage, current, wattage, frequency of AC signal, average wattage used, etc... By keeping an eye on this, you can actually see what's going on with your AC. By charting and documenting AC irregularities ( by date and hour ), you can hand this to your AC supplier and give them something to work with in terms of correcting the situation. That is, if you really are experiencing severe AC fluctuations. Sean