Help Please With A Replacement For Old Aragon Amp.

There aren't any dealers allowing home auditions right now in my area so would appreciate some input n the following.
I think its time to upgrade from my old Aragon 8008BB power amp. It's been good to me but I've got the upgrade bug. Any suggestions as to a worthy replacement? I'm thinking no more than $1500-2000.  I've considered a Cambridge Audio Azur 841W or Musical Fidelity A3 cr power amp. Not opposed to going integrated.  Speakers are ATC Scm 19 V2
85db sensitivity but an ATC dealer told me they don't need gobs of power as often thought.  Pre amp right now is a First Sound Presence MK I (tubes)  The Aragon doesn't seem to grip the speakers despite it's power rating.  Thnks for any replies. 
Plug the Aragon directly into the wall. As much as the manufacturer of the conditioner say that it doesn't limit current, they usually do. It costs nothing to try out. I have owned multiple Aragon amps and tried this a couple of different times. Each time, it sounded better plugged directly into the wall.
You’re choking your amp as I suspected. As mentioned bypass the Isotex and pick up a Hubbell Hospital Grade outlet/receptacle. Use your AQ PC on your amp directly to the wall. If you hear a difference for the better then hire an electrician to run a dedicated circuit if possible. This will be the best money spent to improve your system and you’ll hear what your 8008 is really capable of.
Thanks guys, will do. Is the Isotek ok for the source components?
Due to an odd configuration of the outlets in my listening room, I'll need  to set up a quality power strip so I can have the Aragon run into the wall. I do have a Furutech eTP66. I can connect it to an Audioquest Blizzard PC and plug the Tornado PC into it.  My Tornado is only 1 meter and no way can reach the wall outlet.
My advice is to not put anything between the wall outlet and the Aragon other than a power cord. If that means a different power cord, then that is what I would do. I would think a Signal Cable Magic Power in the appropriate length would be fine to tell you if that is the problem. The Isotek should be fine for source components. 
Are the ATCs relatively new to you or have you had the Aragon/ATC pairing for a while?