Help Please. Phono stage for Denon 103R

Recently moved from MM to MC after reading so many good reviews about the Denon 103R cartridge. I have been using the Graham Slee Era V gold as my phono stage and was simply going to add the GSP Elevator to accommodate the MC cartridge. My question is, would this provide me with enough gain to get the best out of the cartridge or should I be considering something different?

As always, thanks in advance for any help or advice given.
Maybe, but you would be cutting it close for the minimum gain needed if you are still using the Audio Research VSi55 and Harbeth Super HL5's. Really depends on the size of your room, listening position, and volumes that you like to hear.

The AR VSi55 has an input sensitivity of 0.5V. Running the 103R(0.25mV) through Era+EXP Elevator(64dB+) yields 0.396V, or ~2dB too low. This really falls into a grey area of enough or not enough gain. Definitely not a lot of headroom with insensitive speakers.

I ran into the similar problem with my Denon 103D and Grado "The Statement" using the GS Era + EXP with a passive transformer volume control preamp in my system. When using Grado w/ my Art Audio PX-25 (0.7V input sens) SET amp, no problem. For the Denon, I had to use the passive TVC's +6dB gain boost, which resulted in higher noise through my 95-97dB speakers. Not bad, but definitely could hear that I was at the limit of that system. I had to use an active line preamp with any of my other SET amps.

BTW, the GS Era and EXP are incredibly good components, made even better by their price. I put them up against several equal and higher priced phonos, yet always kept the Slees. Be sure to keep them both powered up at all times, or at least turn them on 72 hours before serious listening. It makes a big difference. And since they are solid state and run cool to the touch, there's no need to turn them off.
Thanks for the response. Yes I am still using the AR VSi55 and the Harbeths, the room size is about 10sqm by 10. Music choice is fairly eclectic, Chet Baker, Pink Floyd, Sade, Augustus Pablo, so I need the system to accommodate everything from jazz to rock good as well as heavy dub reggae which I like to be played fairly loud.

Given that there is not alot of headroom with regards to the gain, do you think the Harbeths would be sensitive enough to accommodate this?
Given that there is not alot of headroom with regards to the gain, do you think the Harbeths would be sensitive enough to accommodate this?
Well, that's the $10,000 question, isn't it?

I would think(nut not know) that the one place that not having enough voltage/headroom to drive your integrated would show up is in the bass, which requires wattage.

But, the Harbeth's are known to be easier to drive than their specs imply.

My suggestion - go for a used EXP, it is a perfect match for the Era and the front panel loading options are awesome. Give it a try, and if it doesn't work out, you can resell it here for exactly what you paid.

We are only talking about ~2dB of gain, that's real close.
Thanks I'll give the EXP a go. BTW, the lack of bass from the amp, that I was suffering from a few months ago, was due to a fluctuating juice problem out of the wall sockets. This was simply (albeit somewhat costly) resolved with the purchase of a PS Audio Premier plant.
What loading did you go for on the EXP with the Denon? I had
two different opinions from two different dealers!