HELP please. phono preamp

Hi. I have just receive my new Berning ZH270 and I am waiting for some NOS Telefunken. The amp sound wonderful just out of the box (it replaces a Gryphon Callisto 2200). I am using my cd player direct to the ZH270 and it seems to go very nice. I need to buy a phono preamp (I had one inside the Callisto), and I'm not sure about a phono preamp alone or a full function preamp. I can't try them in my system (I don't live in USA). My options are: Full function preamps as Hovland HP-100 or CAT Ultimate (demo or second hand), or Supratek Syrah. Phono alone pre as Lamm LP2 or Herron. I am looking in the second hand market (except the Supratek). My phono rig: Amazon 1 turntable, Morch DP6 tonearm and Benz L0.4 cartridge (I will change to a Koetsu Rosewood in a few months). I will apreciate any advice, thank you in advance.
An Aesthetix IO would be an excellent choice. I have seen them on the used market under $3k. One of the best.
Thank you. I can't find the Aesthetix web place, I don´t know if the voltage could be changed to 220-230 v European voltage. I will still searching but if someone know the official Aesthetix web place, please let me know.

Also, yes the can have the voltage changed to your needs.

Good luck
The Io is great if you have a lot of rack/shelf space. The Io Signature has 3 large chassis and needs lots of heat dissipation space above each box. (That's 3 boxes to play back vinyl!) A non-Sig version has two big boxes. Get ready to buy a lot of tubes, too. Fabulous sounding unit.

I'm breaking in Benz Lukascek PP-1 phono stage right now. Can't get a handle on its sonics, yet. It's tiny. Seems well built, though. The Lamm LP2 looks interesting, too. I intend to follow this thread for recommendations; I'll ride right along with my curiosity for phono stages....