Help Please! New and looking for advise...

Hi. And thanks in advance for any advice.  I’ve recently decided that I’m at a point in my life where I really need to improve the quality of my music listening.  I listen to a wide variety of music but enjoy folk/female vocalists and classic rock to rap. But I can just as easily enjoy electronic and dance music.  It’s more about clarity then volume though.  I’ve decided to start my “musical metamorphosis” by getting some speakers/ integrated amp and a dac/streamer.  My problem is that I live in an area with no good audio stores so I have been doing lots of reading and research and realize that it’s going to be really tough to actually find a place to demo any equipment.
My listening area is a big room 27 feet by 40 feet. Lots of glass but also lots of rugs and furniture and the ability 
to add acoustic affects.  I’ve narrowed my search to three different options due to my research and also the fact that they are demos and the price is great.( but again I don’t have the option to demo them). My choices are. 1) Vienna Acoustic Listz speakers with an Esoteric F07 or 05 integrated amp 2) Goldnote XT-7 speakers with an Arcam A49 integrated amp 3) Totem Acoustic Element Metal , amp to be determined.  All the combos are very similar in price and I am wondering if anybody has experience with these speakers or amps??
Brian - big room. How loud do you listen ? Check out the Music Room on this site, not affiliated except as ahappy customer and there are many reputable dealers here that list demo equipment and pay fees to do so. 

You might be suprised about a local audio store...storefront model is changing in some markets to home based w appointment type hours.

Where are you located ? Lots of good people here, most all will try to help you

Hi Jim
I would say I like volume at times but not overbearing if that makes any sense. I live in the middle of British Columbia, Canada.
you are in luck !!!! I fish West Coast of Vancouver Island every summer, just head up river and deliver some gear to ya !!!!

there is a good Canadian dealer on our site, tworiversaudio I believe...seems like a good guy and has some stellar used gear also
 He is in Prince  George. I looked at his Audiogon store. The Electrocompinet amp is excellent as is the Chord DAC...with your big room and wide tastes in music might be worth driving to a dealer...or trying to find a used pair of Klipsch Cornwalls which don’t need as much as much power.
Get a modern streamer as the technology changes so fast

What speakers to you currently use? What speakers have you heard that you like and what ones don’t you like?

What do you value most, soundstage, detail, dynamics? Usually you can’t have it all. 
The va lists is really musical. The white coats slam Vienna acoustics for not having a flat response, but I don’t think they ever listened to them. When you read reviews to narrow down your list you’ll notice they like everything! The better reviewers will give you an idea to a speakers personality with little complaints like ‘the x14 took longer than usual to set up because of a glare in the mids or boomy bass or whatever. You get a speaker that’s sympathetic to your room and your done,lol. Only took me 20 years to figure out my room but I always was one of the back of the class kids. Hiring a pro from a B&M store can actually save you money.
Brian, I auditioned the metal. Did not care for it. Not enough volume.  Paradigm persona forget model but it was 10k, floor stand model. That was awesome with 400 watts.  I went with totem wind, excellent speakers.  Driving with bat vk200. Love it. I preferred the wind over metal.  My 2 cents.