Help Please....Interconnects...Silver vs. Copper?

I am now running a Plinius 9100 to B&W Nautilus 804s with Tara speaker cable.
My source is an Esoteric DV-50.
I ran Tara RSC Air 2 XLR from the Esoteric to my BAT VK-31.
I have downgraded to a Plinius 9100, and I need RCAs.
Any advise...PLEASE...
I want to maximize my potential here within the $200 range.
I have been looking at the Black Dragon, Morrow Audio, and DH Labs BL1 & Revelation.
I am not sure what silver will do to my sound?!?!
I have heard silver and copper sound different.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
go to and do the home test and buy the one you like...Plenty to chose from...And only you can decide.
Other options: Nordost Red Dawn, JPS Labs??

Thank you Thorman, I will check it out.
If you like you sound brighter,then it's silver,If you like your sound mellower then copper.Thats my opinion only not everyone else.
copper would be better.
check out the ones from

if you have more budget & want a warmer bias, go to the purist audio design cables.

Hope that helps.

Purist Audio Design is definitely too pricey.
I guess copper it is.