Help please - How long can you run a 75ohm digital coax cable?

I am considering connecting my main audio system to my Home Theater system by way of digital coax. Going out of my Cambridge Audio AZURE 851N to the Input of my Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus connected to my HTS. I need to use about 35' of cable to do this, is it possible?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, teo - Thank you!

I ran 30' of quad shield 75 ohm coax and terminated the cable at each end with solder-less RCA connectors, and, it worked! My first test was to verify that I was not introducing a ground loop, it did not. Then playing some Qobuz 24/192 files the secondary Cambridge Dac Magic Plus locked on, reported 24/192 and sounded great. If any jitter was present I could not hear it, the sound was smooth and articulate.

Really appreciate your help, thanks for responding to my post!