Help please

I have a system that is just ripping it self apart and I don't know why.
If there is anyone that really knows audio systems in S.W. Florida I would be willing to pay for help.
This is my last try before it all goes in the garbage and I call it a day.
Thanks Bruce
@bbsoundguy  Could you be more specific?

I've never heard or known of an audio system "ripping itself apart."

I don't live in Florida but you might try Hollywood Sound in Hollywood Florida:  Ask for Larry (owner) or Marcus

Yes can you tell us what's wrong with your system and identify your components? I'm with lilmissmaggie I have no idea what "ripping itself apart" would mean in the context of a stereo.
Sorry gents was fairly upset when i wrote that.
So heres the scoop,
Eight years ago I accidentally turned up the volume and blew the drivers in my dynaudio C-4 speakers. Sent them off for repair and when they returned I noticed one side (left side ) was clearer , right side not so good. So I thought the speakers had to be broken still, eight years later and new speakers new cables, new amps and left side still plays great and right side like crap. Have move the system five different places in room ,same thing. Even built a wall in my living room to even bass. Thousands of dollars worth of GIK acoustics. Now my new speaker on the right side sounds like a midrange diver is blown and I’m pissed off. My system used to play wonderful until that day eight years ago. I have tried a lot of other things , just to much to list.
So all this points to the repair job done on the C-4's.  Did you ever get them checked again?  Who did the repair?  Have you tried a different set of speakers in your system?  Try this first; if they sound balanced, get the C-4's looked at.
Dynaudio did the repairs. I have had three other pairs of speakers in the room. Same thing. All my electronics are Simaudio and had them tested at sim and was told everything was good. My cables at the time was MIT oracle and i had a problem with one of the interconnects before this happened so i even bought new cables.
I have even had my AC tested. Over the eight years i have  got the system to play great for a week or two then rifgt back to the same old crap.
Why did you not contact the repairer 8 years ago? You must have realised something was still amiss. If you can't resolve the speaker indifference, replace them or fix them.
When you say "I have had three other pairs of speakers in the room. Same thing." Are you saying those other speakers also sounded off in the right channel? I know Simaudio says the gear checks out can you get other gear in there to see if it makes a difference? And are you working with a dealer?
My speakers turned out not to be the problem. I still think it was in my electronics somewhere. But now one of my new speakers sounds like a blown driver. My dealer moved out of state, but told me just to start over. I laughed
Well have you tried systematically swapping channels? First try swapping the speaker cables on your amp to see if the problem follows. If not work your way back up the chain switching interconnects until you isolate the piece of gear.
Also, try swapping speakers if the cables check out.

Could be an IC - but you have all new gear.  That's weird.

I had an issue with a new amp right out of the box.  Left channel was dead as a door nail.  Turned out to be a bad solder join. 
I recommend you have your hearing checked with an Ear Nose and Throat MD.  I spent a decade swapping out speakers, amps and cables in two different homes, but the sound on the right side of my room was never as loud or as clear as the sound coming from the left.   All along the problem was my hearing on my right side.  

Now, before each listening session (and sometimes once or twice during long sessions), I pinch my nose, hold my breath and blow out to clear my ears.  It works. 
I can put the speakers a foot apart from each other and hear it plane as day. Now I know my room is far from perfect but this is very noticeable. I have switched cables and it will follow somewhat, but i have two of everything and its always exactly the same. I wish i was kidding.
Take your whole system to a friend's house.  Hook it up and see what happens.  Have that friend listen too...
So wait, if you swap the speaker location, the problem follows the speaker, or the problem stays in place?

Hearing tests are good too! One thing that goes on with me is I get far too much wax buildup, quickly. I have to rigorously use a body wash and rinse my ears out or within a couple of days my system’s channel balance starts to shift.  My right ear seems to produce more wax than my left, but this may have to do with sleeping positions.
Please describe your system in exact detail I am sorry you're just not making much sense. "i have switched cables and it will follow somewhat but I have two of everything" is very unclear. Be more precise and methodical describing your components and we may be able to help you more.
Yes, I would like to know in detail all components and cabling involved.
Did I miss it or was a preamp mentioned?
I will try to explain a little more detail,
My system eight years ago consisted of all MIT oracle ma speaker and interconnects, Dynaudio C-4 speakers , Simaudio supernova cd,Simaudio P-8 preamp , Simaudio W-10 mono blocks pluged into a dedicated outlet, everything else into a shunyata hydra. I was on the couch listening to music when wife walked in and I accidentally hit the up volume . By the time i realized what i had done ,pop pop pop pop, well i think you get it.
The system has never played right from that day. Speakers were repaired by dynaudio, bought new ones just to make sure it was not the speakers (Eggleston works andra 3 se ) and just bought new amps trying to cross off the amps as the problem.
So my system now is Transparent mm mm2 cables and cheap audioquest cables , Eggleston works speakers , Theta Prometheus mono blocks , Simaudio P-8 and P-5 preamp , Simaudio andromeda cd player into a PS audio P-5. The new amps have been in only about a month and my speakers about a year and they sound like they are having problems. Left speaker good deep bass and very clear sounding , Right speaker sounds softer, bass is gone and it sounds like its laboring to play music in the midrange area. If i switch the speakers in the room the speaker that was on the left now dominates on the right side. I believe i have somehow damaged the midrange driver in the other speaker now. Very upsetting.
I am not sure what is good in the system anymore, thats why i am trying to hire someone to help at this point in time.
Here is a test. Lightly rest your fingers on the midrange and/or woofer of either speaker. They should vibrate more or less equally.

You can actually do this for the tweeter as well but you must be even more careful.

Another thing to do is to cover up the tweeter with your hand. See if you hear output from the midrange.

There's all sorts of damage that could have occured to a speaker. The new driver is bad, or a connection went bad during shipping. I'd suggest a local repair guy.

Also, you might want to measure your speakers. A calibrated mic that fits on your Android phone plus Audio Tools can tell you a lot.


You are sure the preamp is working correctly?
Can you try the preamp in a friends system?
It sounds like something is out of phase. Reverse the speaker leads on one speaker and see if that helps!
I think lak and yogiboy make good points. 
Please verify that you have confirmed those points.

If switching speakers left and right and the problem still exists in the same speaker then concentrate on the speaker. You could have a blown cap or resistor.

If when switching the speakers the problem remains in the original channel then concentrate on the preamp.

I have been emailing Jim Thompson all day , owner of Eggleston works speakers. What a great gentleman. So i put my Dynaudio C-4 speakers back in and everything is good again, so i told Jim what im hearing different and we are going through it step by step as i have something wrong with the Eggleston speakers. I still dont know what started all this mess, but with the new amps and my back up pre amp in there its working for now. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
Maybe a bad time to mention this but I will be doing a review of my new amps (Theta Prometheus mono blocks) they seem to be quite good.