Help Please

I'm awaiting the arrival of a new 12wpc tube amp.My current
speakers,are rated 90db@1 watt and 8 ohm.The only aspect of
their performance thats lacking is deep bass.Would you add
a Sub to lessen the power demand on the amp,or would you opt
for new, more efficient speakers that have better bass?

On paper Subs look great - but to me theres just something that makes the music appear "disconnected" when it comes to their use in two channel critical listening. In Home Theater they can get by due to the fact that home theater done right is supposed to reproduce the environment in which the action is happening! And that environment is 360 degrees; however, in two channel listening - one speaker per ear should be able to recreate a soundstage that delivers as close as possible what you hear live!

To answer the initial question - I would go with an efficient speaker that will respond down to 34hz or lower. Hope this helps.

Your tendancies suggest that the midrange and high end are priorities in your system. If you want better bass then you probably need more watts and a full range speaker. Trying to piece meal full range performance with a 12 watter and subs is taking a difficult road toward system synergy. Subs are an interesting option, but the prices on good subs might make you reevaluate the 12 watt amp and limited low frequency speakers.

I kindly suggest you build your system around your speaker's strengths and if you can not accept the weaknesses get a more suitable speaker. If you are really dissatisfied your enjoyment will suffer and you will upgrade or drop the hobby.