Help please

I am having problems setting up my Music Hall MMF 9.1. I thought I had everything right but when I was checking every out before listening, I noticed that the tone arm moves towards the outside of the record as soon as I let go of it. I could use a little help. I'm guessing I forgot to do something simple.


That is simply your anti-skate at work, which compensates for the natural tendency for the geometry of the arm in combination with cartridge drag to pull the arm towards the center. It is possible that the anti- skate is set too high. How much anti-skate is optimal is a point of contention amongst turntable cogniscenti, and is, at the least, cartridge dependent.
How do I lower the anti-skate?
It's all better now. I decided to stop being stupid for today and set the tracking force right. We're up and running now. I knew I was missing something simple.
Enjoy the music!
Aha! That would do it! Of course, there's always reading the directions. Do you have a manual?
Yes I have the manual. For some reason I was just not thinking when I got to that step of the setup. Now it sounds fantastic!
Congratulations. Experience is a wonderful thing. Most of us have learned the hard way at some point or other.
I'm still new to vinyl. I bought my first setup this past July after I walked into a local music store that was closing and everything was on sale. I found some great records for a good price and my girlfriend actually told me to buy them. I think she is enjoying this as much as I am.