Help Please


I have decided to buy an integrated. I can spend +/-$1000. The problem is I am installing a pair of in-ceiling speakers to connect to my system in my dining room (in addition to my "real speakers" - paradigm studio 100 v2), and although I have received some great suggestions on amps, none of them have hookups for more than 1 pair of speakers (and I am at a loss to find any decent integrated in my price range that has this so far). I realize I can buy a "splitter," but I presume this degrades the sound (or I would guess I can buy a high-end splitter which will cost a ton just to have music in my dining room). Suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Look for a receiver that has multi-zone capability. I am assuming that you have a two channel amplifier and not a surround receiver. Most integrated amplifiers have A and B speaker selectors. If you have one of these then the problem is solved. If not, you may want to find an integrated to support both speaker A and B.
How about a speakers switch box ?
Why not get a tiny system for the dining-room. Like a small NAD amp, Sony CD player and a set of KEF Q1 speakers?

An NAD C372 integrated amp has two sets of speaker outputs. Have you considered one of them?
NAD C372
I have read several reviews on the c372, and not all were as ringing. I am looking at the Arcam A90 (used is hard to find, new too expensive), and the Creek 4340SE. Any other suggestions?
By the way, I am currently having a hard time finding the used Creek as well. If you know of one, please let me know. Thanks.