HELP: Pioneer Elite 36TX or Denon 3801

Which one guys? Pioneer has THX, but Denon has DTS-ES. I would really appreciate the input. Thanks.
The Pioneer supports DTS ES matrixed. There are two forms of DTS ES. One is totally discrete the other is matrixed. I like Denon, but don't like the 3801 due to the power draw when powering seven channels. I would rather have the 36 and get an Elite power amp for the surrounds. With the Pioneer you can mix DSP's with DD or DTS, THX, Independent power for the second zone, HD component switching, Burr Brown DACS all around, DNR on all channels, and various other features. The Denon has some good features, but isn't anything novel or useful.
How does the Pioneer Elite 36 compare to the NAD 760?
i have a 41 tx for sale