help picking a cartridge

I have a michell gyro se, Sumiko (SME) 4.5 and a Sunfire Theater Grand for my preamp. I was using a sumiko blue Point Special and would like to upgrade for $800 or less. Any suggestions?
Yolu may think it a lateral or downward move, but I'll bet that if you pick up a new Shure V15VxMR for $200 (Jack's Music Factory cost incl. shipping) you'll be very pleasantly surprised. It replaced a $1200 Grado Reference/Reference in my system.
I'll second that motion, especially as the latest Shure "V" edition was designed with the Sme "V" in mind. Since yours is essentially the same design, then this should be a marriage made in heaven.
This is a third member of the Shure fraternity checking in. You can buy a ton of great records with the money you save, and still have a "no problem" vinyl musical experience. Just don't let anyone see your cartridge until they first comment how well it conveys the music.
want to unload the blue point?
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Dopogue... Are you serious? First let me say that the Shure V is a fine cartridge for the money. This is the cartridge I have as a backup to my Grado - The Reference cartridge. The Shure is not even in a league with the Grado. I get nowhere near the detail out of the Shure V. The bass is not as good. The mids are much weaker. The soundstage is not as big. The seperation is not as defined. In short it sounds like a much cheaper cartridge (well it is). The Shure doesn't even come close to the Grado Sonata. I have owned all three of these cartridges new in the last three months. It is my opinion that the Grado - The Reference cartridge is worth every penny of the $900.00 I paid.

I think the Shure is an excellent cartridge for the money, but I think the Denon DL103 is an even better cartridge for considerably less money. I switched from the Shure to the Denon, and I found the Denon more musical and coherent (and the surface noise is less intrusive as well.) The kicker is I'm using a SME IIIs, probably the ultimate tonearm (besides a Black Widow?) for the Shure, and totally wrong (theoretically) for the Denon (I am using the 4.3 gram SME headshell weight and a little lead tape to add mass for the stiffer cartridge.) When I finally mount my 3012, I expect even better things from the bargain priced Denon.