Help pick next speakers: Have Paradigm, Totem

Help choose my next speakers!

I own a set of Paradigm Studio 60 v2 (tower) and a pair of Totem Rainmakers (monitors). Neither one does everything I need, so I am looking for recommendations on what to try next.

The paradigms are just a bit too edgy and fatiguing for me. I've owned them several years and while I do like them, I find myself turning the volume down frequently. The imaging and crispness of the sound is amazing, but compared to the Rainmakers the Paradigm's presentation is somewhat recessed and hard/glassy.

The Rainmakers are an odd mix. They are easier to listen to for sure. Yet at the same time they are more forward and dry with vocals. They're not harsh at all, but on some music they are too dry and I wish there were more midrange at times. This may be an unfair criticism because room is way too big for the tiny 4" driver in the rainmakers (23'x15' and wide open into a dining room and kitchen). They simply have no punch compared to the Studio 60's, even at moderate volumes.

So: I want the best of both worlds. I want the imaging, precision, and punch/power of the Paradigms towers, with non-fatiguing sound of the Rainmakers. Suggestions???? I'm all over the map. Here's a bunch of random thoughts:

- Although I like the totem sound, I believe they are all single driver and more at home in medium sized rooms. I am leaning toward putting the rainmakers in the bedroom and going a different direction for the living room.

- I'm struggling with towers vs monitors. I'm tempted to try a good monitor, but based on the size of the room I'm thinking a tower is my only choice. Does a kick-ass monitor (like a Totem Mani-2) even have a chance?

- I'm tempted by a Revel M22 or F32 (there's some for sale locally) but I've read they're relatively bright.

Here's my current setup, subject to change:

- AMP: Outlaw 7125 7-channel amp (looking to replace with 2-channel once I pick speakers)
- DAC: CIAudio VDA-2
- Transport: OPPO DVD player, or computer (lossless)
go to the montana audio site and read about there speakers.
How about Zu? Depending on your budget, either the Druid, Presence or Definition would seem to fit your needs very well. I have the Druids with the Mini-Method sub and I find them very non-fatiguing, with killer imaging and tons of punch when I ask for it. I had some relatives over for Easter yesterday and the Druids sounded excellent on both Frank Sinatra (his voice sounded like he was in the room with us - very rich and smooth) and Fatboy Slim (very punchy with killer deep bass). I'm running a CD/HD player into a tube preamp, with a class D amp supplying the power.
totem of both worlds.
Dali Helicon 400 or 400 MKII (ribbon tweeter combo) with 6.5 drivers.

Totem Forest
Amphion Xenon
I like Totem's. Maybe you just need something a big larger for your room?

Dynaudio might be something to consider if you are just looking for a tweak to the current timbre of the Totems.

If you want to try something completely different than monitors or box floor standers, in particular in a room where optimal placement and listening position are a challenge, or you just want the sound stage and imaging to hold together better regardless of listening position, consider a pair of Ohm Walsh series (
Your temptation of Revels is a good one. The M22 are extraordinary in soundstage and detail retrieval and offer very decent bass. The downside is that they are quite placement sensitive and need very good electronics pushing them. The F32 is a tremendous performer and may be a very good choice given your large room.

I run Cary tube gear with my Revel M22's and really feel I have everything I want...but still keep an eye open for a local pair of F32s!
I think you might like Dynaudio. ProAc would be another good choice.
Whats the budget on the speakers and the two channel amp.
Hey guys, thanks for all the replies. I'm looking into all of them.

Multiple suggestions for Totem Forest: is this speaker really going to be right for my sized room? I have some concerns.

Budget: I'd like to keep the speakers under $2000 used, but up to $2500 or so is doable. My two most promising local options so far are: (both asking $2500)

1) Dynaudio Contour S3.4
2) Revel F32

They are both so tempting.. There's also a Revel F32 for 2300 shipped!
How close to the speakers is your listening position? I think this might influence how well the Forests work for you. Not to mention power rating of the 2 channel you ultimately get. I own them but have them in a 15' x 13' alcove that opens on one side to a much larger room. My listening position is ~7-8' from them. I use a 60 watt integrated tube amp. Sound levels are satsifying - but on rare occasions, I find I can't peel the paint.
I sit about 11 feet back. The speakers can go 8-9 feet apart easily. More than that and they start to get too close to the side walls. (I said 15' wide, but it's really more like 13.5').
You have probably visited the Totem site, but just in case...
From the Forest specs
Placement distance apart: 4' - 12'
Impedance: 8 ohms (6.4 minimum)
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Power: 120 W continuous 200 W peak
Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz compensated 2nd order
Woofer: 6 1/2", 3"

(I'm not in any way associated with Totem).
Good luck with your decision.
I have the Mani's in a 16' x 24'room. The first eight feet of the room (on the 24' dimension) is open to a large (2 story) entrance vestibule on one side. The speakers are 8' apart on the 16’ wall and I sit 11' away. Sound familiar? I highly recommend trying the Mani’s, particularly if you like to Totem sound.
For someone who likes Totem Sound, the natural choices as alternatives are Totem(higer models),DynAudio, Sonus Faber, Spendor, Quad and to some extent ProAc ( ProAc is a great speaker, but a little bit more forward comapred to totem ).

To mention specifically the models:

Totem -- Forest, Wind

DynAudio -- Contour S3.4, Contour S1.4 with REL Sub

Spendor - S8e

Quad - 22L

ProAc - Response Series


PS: Revel is so much of a different sound compared to Totems. Atleast for me, they are kind of polar opposites in sound re-production approach. I listened to many Totems, SFs, Spendors, Dyns, Quads and some ProAcs and Revels as well. Of this group, Revels are the ones whose sound is starkly different from the others.
Would you consider a planar or dipole type speaker?
Salk Songtowers.