Help phono/headphone stage for Scout Jr. dyna 10x5

First I will start off describing my system:

I have a Scout Jr. with a Dynavector 10x5. Right now I have an Avid Pellar phono stage sitting in my office adjacent to my living room. From the Pellar I have a 10 ft cable to my receiver good Onkyo but nothing special in my living room with all my multimedia equipment (this will eventually be upgraded). Its mostly a hub for all my hdmi vid sources though. I use this setup for just fun listening and nothing super active right now.

I got a great deal on the Pellar but I dont think it will do what I want in the long run and I can still return it.

What Id like to do is have a great headphone stage also in my office with a great set of headphones for more active listening. This will be what can really show off what the system can do. I am thinking some Audeze or something.

In my office I would like to go scout jr/10x5 --> preamp --> 1) headphone stage --> headphones and 2) receiver in the other room.
Or would it be scout jr/10x5 --> preamp/phono stage --> headphone stage --> receiver

I can switch cables but id rather not put the strain on the jacks of the preamp switching things out. Also, I want the phono/headphone stages to be more future-ish proof when i eventually start updating my cart/table.

I would love to be able to do a Herron VTPH-2 as my preamp and then something like the Icon HP8 as the headphone stage as it has the loop out so I assume I could go from herron---> hp8 ---> receiver

Does anybody have any clue if these 2 owould be matched sonically and with Audeze LCD3 or LCDx?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about with what I want to accomplish?

I have varied musical tastes. Everything from hiphop to punk to classic rock to folk and everything in between. So I would like it to be nice and balanced and able to handle whatever type of records I throw at it.

Thanks so much for all your help,
The Audeze is one of the best headphones made and your Onkyo would be outclassed.

The Icon is nice and should do the job- the 110 ohm impedance of the Audeze is tricky but the Icon should be able to handle it as it has taps for a number of impedances up to 600 ohms.

Our own MP-1 preamp can do it too (its line stage is a miniature tube power amp with a direct-coupled output- no output transformer); it has all the preamp functions built in so less boxes. Some of the Audezes I have seen need some power but this model does not, and the impedance is no worries for our MP-1 to drive it directly.

Your taste in music genres has nothing to do with how the preamp, headphones or headphone power amp sounds! If the electronics are good, all musical genres will sound good on them.
The DV P-75 would be a good choice. I have one of them on a Scout. You know it will work well with your current DV cart. Not only that, but its good enough to use a LOMC. Currently, I have the low output version of the DV 20 and its a great match. I can't see you needing anything more than that for an office system.