HELP!!! Parts needed for Tube Audio Design TAD-150

HELP! I have one of these pre-amps and it has died on me. I am in need of parts to hope a repair is possible! Unfortunately the company is no longer in business and I am turning here for hope that someone may have one that no longer works as well. I think its a transformer and would assume the same one would need to take its place. The piece originally was made in China by Audcom, but not having much luck there either. Any direction or input from others would be most helpful. Thanks and happy listening!
Transformer is less-likely to fail unless it was a destructive lightning surge that totally destroyed your unit. It might only be resistor...

Where are you from?

Can you be more specific...  do the indicator lights turn on? ... do the tubes glow? Is there sound, noise or silence from the speakers? What makes you suspect the power transformer... is it running very hot?

It had been diagnosed as a bad transformer. I think it took a bad hit in shipping. When a well regarded tech that does repairs and upgrades plugged it in, he heard a buzz, then all shut down. He says the transformer needs replaced. Its a...


Paul Gryzbek was a fine fellow, and a wiz with the tube gear. He brought many a Fisher 400 back to life, and made available to the masses good sounding tube gear that didn't cost an arm an a leg!  I owned of his Cayin TA-30 amps with Bizzy Bee upgrades in the past and enjoyed it very much.  It is really sad that he died so young. 

Hopefully there is someone here in the know... someone who can help get the preamp repaired for you.  Maybe there is a stock of parts somewhere for your TAD 150?  I believe his widow is named Kathy, there is a chance maybe she could help.  I will be looking around on the net to see if I come across any leads.  Love to see the 150 playing music again for you sonicsoul and that is certainly what Paul would have wanted.  Can anybody help this gentleman with a transformer?