Help Pair My Dynaudio Speakers

I have slowly upgraded from Klipsch and a Denon 3803 AVR to Dynaudio Audience 52SE, 42, and HSU sub along with the Denon AVR. I am trying to upgrade and buy an amp next. I am going to use the amp along with the denon as a pre/pro until I can upgrade the the AVR. I have (3) audience 52SE up front for L/C/R and 42 on the sides. I am only running a 5.1 system that is about 60/40 movies to music. I really like the detailed sound of the Audience speakers and want to enhance the richness of the speakers. Having read that the Dynaudio speakers are very picky I need advice. The amps I have been looking at in order are: parasound Halo A52/HCA 5 channel, Outlaw Audio 7125, Adcom 6006. Am I heading in the right direction with the amps I am looking at currently? Do any of you have experience with the Audience line and the amps that would help me. I also am open to other suggestions. I will use the denon for now but really like the Outlaw 990 pre/pro from everything that I have read if that matters with the amp I should choose.
The Parasound Halos are the better amps by a wide margin IMHO of the ones you've listed. I often pair the Parsound with Dynaudio's and actually have the A51 mated with 5.1 Focus series setup in studio now. Dyn's LOVE power, so I do not recommend them with lower wattage amps or receivers.