Help out there for my "lost" Bel 1001 Mk I's

I bought two of these from Joe Webber's Corner Audio in Portland, OR. I had sent one of them to Richard Brown to upgrade and it was there when he died. His daughter Susan contacted me and she said she would send it along to another repair shop. It has totally disappeared, and that was years ago. Middle of last year the remaining 1001 started acting funny, and on advice from some of you I sent it to Sal Zambrano of AudioSumma in San Pedro, CA. He hasn't contacted me since August of last year, and I think AudioSumma is out of business. I'd love to have them back, but things are looking dim. If anyone has gotten a MK I version lately from some unusual source, I'd love to know about it. I have serial numbers. Thanks!
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Sorry to hear of your situation. Thanks for the heads up on AudioSumma. I have a 1001 MK5. Love the amp. Not sure what I would do should it need repair.
Mesch---Give the Tech at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, CA a call. Brooks was a BEL dealer, and his Tech Tom knows the amp. Tom works on Saturdays and one weekday, which one I don't remember.
Bdp24, thanks for the info. I will contact Brooks.