Help or suggestions how to setup run JRivers media from my computer

Hello to all I have JRivers media  24,I have downloaded on my computer in the next room  and transferred files, my Big question is what do I need ? I have a dac in the room with the stereo I have WiFi extenders
from my router to the extender,then another extender and Ethernet cable behind the stereo in a wall socket.
what do I need ?  I have the dac itself ,I need a interface something a Ethernet cable will plug into
then communicate with the dac whichwill be plugged Into the preamplifier.
is there a way I can do this ? Any help would greatly be appreciated, Thank you.

You need an Ethernet Renderer. You can do one yourself on the cheap using a Raspberry Pi and a Digione S/PDIF coax output "HAT" board (requires some work on your part) or you can buy a good one like the Interchange and then it is plug-and-play:

The Interchange delivers data to the DAC on S/PDIF coax with 10psec of jitter. You will not find a digital source with lower jitter than this.

Jriver automatically finds the renderer, if you have this enabled in the preferences. Just click on it on the left hand side menu and then play from playlists.

One thing to know is that you can get better sound quality using freeware Linn Kinsky and Minimserver. Add BubbleUPnP and it is even better. No need to buy any software. This is what I use and I have tried Twonky, Jriver and Roon.

Once you get this going, you can make the SQ even better by replacing your switch with a AQVOX and adding good Ethernet cables from Wireworld, SOtM and an isolator from EMO called EN-70e. When you are ready to do this, I can help.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Hello and Thank you for the response , my dac just has USB input
no spdif ? Do I have to buy a player ? Thanksmuch.
For USB, go to Sonore and get one of their Ethernet to USB Rendu's. 

You may also need one of these, which I highly recommend:

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks much for the suggestions I was hoping to find something
under $300. Trying to help my brother out , he can buy a player 
 if he had more to spend ,he is still stuck on CDs . JRivers 
is good  I was wondering if a raspberry pi3  would. Work ?
is this possible to connect to a dac running Ethernet range 
extenders on both end from router ,to dac? Trying to find a solution 

Raspberry Pi has USB outputs, so I believe it will work.  Never tried this though.

Steve N.
This will be your cheapest option, unless you can find one used on Audiogon: 

Steve N.