Help/ opinions on my H/T setup??

A few years ago, I picked up a Pioneer Elite VSX- 07 TX reciever that was reviewed pretty well and rated at 110 WPC. Recently, I grabbed an Acurus 200 WPC x 5 Power Amp to boost the guts of my H/T system, figuring to use the pre-outs of the reciever as my pre-amp. My front speakers are Martin Logan Aerius i's. Do you think this will work well or should I be trying to pick up an Acurus ACT-3 to make it right?? Ideas or other suggestions????
Thanks!! Russ
If your DVD player has a built in Dolby/DTS decoder, look at YBA AUDIO REFINEMENT PRE-5. $800.00. Most new DVD players in the next year of two will probably be DVD-Audio as well so there will be a great need for pre-amos with 5.1 inputs like the YBA.
Regarding your question, What is right is what sounds best to you. Just because two units come from the same company doesn't necessarily mean that they perform best together. Reliability, features, upgradeability & SOUND(especially) are important things to consider when your are mating seperates together. If you do get an Acurus unit, make sure that you get one with the bass management upgrade.

Good Luck