HELP One pair for $2k Recommendations Please

I have $2k set aside for a pair of floorstanding FULL RANGE speakers. Subwoofer in the near future. I've done a ton of research and seem to get nowhere. I currently have an Adcom GFA555II amp (200w/ch RMS), and Denon Receiver to power the new speakers.

I mainly listen to rock and jazz. 2-Channel is more important to me that HT.

Here's what I'm looking for in speakers...and not necessarily in order of preference.

1. Musical accuracy.
2. Able to play at loud levels (I like to sometimes FEEL the music)
3. Nice bass extension.
4. Clear highs and mids.
5. Good build quality.

Suggestions anyone? The 2k mark is the magic number.

If your lucky a used pair of Soliloquy 6.5s. They will flex walls!LOL The 6.3s aren't far behind.

Good luck
In my humble opinion, you should consider Polk Audio LSi 15 speakers. The LSi series is Polk's high-end and God-sent answer to audiophiles who would prefer to spend their money on frivolous things like food, clothing, and college educations. Lot's or reviews on the Web, and also a few interesting discussions here on Audiogon.They go deep, have crystal highs due to their great tweeter, and are gorgeous to boot.A bit on the large side à 45'' high, but they are slim so that they do blend well. This is no flimsy tower you can knock over just touching it. I own these, and they are amazing for the price, will smoke many speakers at 2-3 times the price.
Good luck!
Find a used pair of Energy Veritas 2.4i's. I've owned speakers that cost over 10K and these are better in almost every respect.
Why not spend a $1000 on a used pair of floor standers and spend the rest on a preamplifier. Then sell the reciever and then buy yourself a subwoofer. Speakers to try in my opinion are Triangles, Quad L series, B&W, JM Lab and Dynaudio. Also maybe try spending time at your local dealers and see what they have.
I'm surprised that no-one has suggrsted the Gallo ReF IIIs.
Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. Keep em' coming!
What about these?

Klipsch RF-7
Definitive Technology BP7002

Opinions? Thoughts?
Aerial Acoustics Model 8's.They do everything you listed.I have a pair for sale in that price range.
Klipsch RF-7's sound like bright tin cans in my opinion and Def's sound boxy to me. I don't care for either brand theres much better for the same money!
If a side firing bass driver is not a problem, I owned and really enjoyed a pair of RBH 1044SE's. My brother has still got them and loves them. For your budget you could look at the next model up.
Trianglezerious has the right idea about changing receiver and looking at the good value speakers in the $1k range. A good used preamp could be obtained, possibly tubed, to take some of the adcom harshness away.
Klipsch and DT are not exactly the definition of "accurate". Furthermore, are you sure that 2 channel is truly more important to you than HT, because you've asked about 2 speakers much more suited to HT?
you asked for ideas about full range speakers then you also mention a sub,in my oponion a true full range speaker does not require a sub to give up the bass,the growing trend in speakers is to package small bass drivers into fancy cabinets with most of the cash being spent on the finish & little thought to bass response & more emphasis being placed on mids & highs, were led to believe that a great bass response requires a sub & thats just not true.

if you truly want a kick ass set of rock & roll speakers you better be prepared to give up the real estate in your living space,great rock & roll speakers do not come in tiny little box's nor do they have a spec'd bass response of 30hz or higher.

the rf 7's your thinking about are a good rock speaker & they can take alot of power too but for the cash there are better choices like the POLK LSI 15'S that were recomended by sonicbeauty above.

your 2k would be better spent looking into speakers that are no longer being made or speakers that are not way over blown by hype like b&w,without a doubt the b&w's i tried were one of the worst speakers for rock ive ever heard with the worst bass response thats not close to being full or extended.

if it were me i would hold out until i found a clean pair of POLK SDA SRS,they are big & bulky but they are one of the best speakers ever made for rock & roll & their bass response will never require a sub as they go down 20hz on their own plus polk has some of the best tweets ever made.

i would also look for 2 speakers from mcintosh,the 1st being the xrt 20,a pair just sold here on agon for under 2k & they have a bass response of below 20hz,the 2nd mac speaker is the xrt 22,the bass response from the xtr 22's is 20hz & the highs are a bit sweeter with the 22's.

here are a few links to some fantastic speakers that fit your needs without paying for hype,disclamer,i own the xtr22's in the pic my own self so take that recomendation as such.

{} polk sda srs.

{} my personal speakers.

a few other speakers ive owned that are good to great with rock music are klipsch horns,klipsch cornwalls,jbl l250 ti & all of these will give up the bass.

Here ya go!

1. Get the Soliloquy 5.3is for 950 used here on A-gon
2. The Axiom EP-500 subwoofer for 1150.

That should mow the lawn quite nicely.
Pair of brand new Energy v 2.3i and be done with it. I listened a pair of 2.4's and for my taste they were one of the best I've heard. 2.3's can't be far. i am surprised Energy doesn't get as much as respect from audiophiles as other brands?!
I had RF7's and Definitive's back years ago... The 7's are a horribly placement accute, and equipment finicky speaker, and will never ever sound balanced especially with rock music, the mids and Highs are far to hot to ever get the output of those dual 10's that under perform in the firstplace to get enough air moving without cranking and getting a headache from the etched sound they will produce, they are however a great Theater speaker and Movie dialog would never be a problem with them, but not by any means a musical speaker in the end... Definitives will never have the output and dynamic capabilities you will seek in the end, they will sound kinda veiled and boring. I agree pretty strong with Bigjoe and he has you on the right track... By the way I listen to very heavy and midrange strong rock in general, so you need much more finess and control then you would for excellent hi quality Jazz or blues type music, thats just a fact... So the fact is that something like those mcintosh speakers or polks do have more of a design factor, being multidriver and natural material built drivers that you seek.