Help on windows 20gb 2ndGeneration Ipod

I dont know if its my computers problem, or my ipods problem. It started out when i was trying to put all of my music from my computer onto my friends 3Gen ipod. I plugged his ipod into my computer and it didnt work, then i downloaded the 3gen software updater from, and restored his ipod, then updated it with the new software.Then i tried to download my music onto his 3gen ipod and it worked, but now my old 2gen ipod doesn't work. Whenever i plug my 2gen in, the ipod just reads "Ok to disconnect" and has a little checkmark by it. I tried deleting his updater off my computer and downloaded the 2gen updater, but that didnt work. Then i tried uninstalling everything about ipod from my computer and reinstalling it from the cd rom that came with my ipod, but that didnt work. His 3gen ipod can still get music from my computer, but my 2gen ipod cant. My computer doenst even recongnize my 2nd gen ipod. Does anybody know how i can fix this problem?
No, I don't, but as an owner of a 30gb 3gen ipod, let me say that you have my sympathy. When it works it's great, but I've never owned a product that is more quirky. In fact, it wasn't until I returned two that I got one to work at all! My only suggestion (if you aren't already doing it) is to use Ephpod instead of Musicmatch. Also, the newest updated operating software for the 3gen ipods gives you that "ok to disconnect" message whenever it is plugged into the computer. Maybe somehow you updated your 2gen with the 3gen software?