Help on System Upgrade

Hi...I am new at this...Though I fully appreciate good sound quality, not a full blown audiophile per se. I listen mainly to jazz, blues, rock, pop. I currently have a compromised system in order to enjoy my two hobbies, music and movies. However I will be moving and thus will now be able to have a separate system for 2 channel audio only, and one multi-channel which wld be mainly for movies.

The system upgrade question is obviously about the 2 channel system

current set up
Camelot Tech Roundtable 2 for DVDs and CDs - want to explore SACD, considering EMM Labs + Phillips transport
Pre-Pro: Linn 5103 & 5125: these will go to the movie system
Lin Klimaxx Mono blocks
main speakers: Pro Ac Response 4
surround: Proacs and Paradigm
Elco cables
PS Audio 300 regenerator

of this system, only really the Klimaxx monoblocks will survive towards the 2 channel system: front end likely to be EMM Labs...thus I need to decide on a pre-amp and new speakers

I do not want physically imposing speakers (spouse acceptance factor) while tube pre-amps seem to makes sense to counter-balance then Linns...or am I on the wrong track here? Room size is medium, neither large nor excessively small

some reading around (still need to auditon) has led me to think on speakers: Wilson Watt Puppy 7, Sophia, Cremona, Eidolon, Kharma Ref 3.2, Genesis 501....

pre-amps, LAMM 2, Hovland 200, BAT 51 VK SE...

Am I on the right track here? Any pointers? Can Kharma's handle rock?
If you are considering the EMM Labs, save yourself some money on a preamplifier and look into the DCC 2 which has a reference grade preamplifier built in.

As far as the speakers go, since you are going to keep the Linn Klimax amplifiers, I would look at speakers like the Cremona, Kharma 3.2, Von Schweikert and Verity. The other speakers combined with the Linn's might sound a bit lean.

The Kharma's can handle rock, but at reasonable levels. If you are listneing mainly to rock n' roll, you might consider the Von Schweikert's or a more full range speaker.
thanx Jtinn.

I listen to rock but not head banging stuff nor at glass shattering levels

which of the speakers u had recommended, which has the best inner detail? the u are there feel if u know what i mean

by hooking up via dac directly sans pre-amp, what sort of audible chgs will happen?
The Cremona and Verity are very beutiful sounding speakers, that lean toward the warmer side of real. I would definitely say the Kharma and Von Schweikert speakers lean toward the more lifelike sound. Both have amazing clarity and detail.

By running the DCC 2 direct and bypassing an outboard preamplifier, the level of clarity increases a great deal. Noise also seems to go down.
but don't u think a tube pre-amp will balance out the Klimaxxes?
Balance out or cover up?
I've started a new thread...SHOP W.Me....i had asked pointers in several to the extend I was creating unnecessarily too many threads all kinda related.

Hope to hear from you guys there.
finally Jtinn....u were spot on about the Kharmas. I didn't get to listen them to much lauded synergistic Tenors nor Lamms, but solid state Pass Labs 350 mono blocks, which I actually requested, thinking it would resemble the Linn Klimaxxes the most (amongst the dealer's amps)....they were amazing and yes they can ROCK. There was a suck out heard when I stood, but not enuff to make it a major problem, and who listens to music stadning anyway?