help on sumiko project RM-4

hi guys,
Any one out there know how to set this table up? i am brand new to turntable and the seller of this table doesnt speak english,so if any one out there can help please leave me a number and a good time to call so i can be guided through with this table.thanks a bunch
Set up is a snap. Double check the spindle-to-pivot distance with a ruler and compare it to the spec.If there is no spec, and the arm was factory installed, leave it. Install the cartridge,slide on the counterweight, balance the arm level, dial-in about 1 1/2 grams of VTF, and set the overhang and alignment with a 2-point protractor.You may have to a adjust a few times till you get it exact, so don't firmly tighten until you get the setting right. Set the VTF to the middle of the range specified for the cartridge. Set the anti-skate to approximately the same setting as the VTF and fine-tune by ear. Set the VTA to approximately level to the record, and fine-tune it in by ear.If there is no VTA, leave it. Of course, it being a non-suspension TT, you want to place the TT on a strong stable surface of high mass. Dress the cables in a soft "droop" coming out of the TT. Not pressed tight against anything, especially the TT. If you have rubber feet, cones will improve the sound. Enjoy!
One small point, in tightening the cart, make sure you don't screw up it's alignment. I would suggest doing it gradually and alternating tightening one side then the other. At any rate, always a good idea when tightening anything with multiple screws or bolts so that it is not misaligned or doesn't sit improperly. A deft but firm touch is required with anything that has a job on the microscopic level to do. Don't wear long sleeves as I can't remember the number of times I have heard of someone hovering over the arm and somehow getting caught up in it with negative results. Good day.
thanks TWL and PBB..i finally got it hook up.