help on Soolos display for classical downloads

I have recently upgraded my main system,can be seen on virtual systems,by adding a Meridian Soolos and a Meridian 861V6. The resulting sound is by far superior to the 861V4,and ripped cds sound very good through the Soolos However,trying to find the cds on which I have downloaded on the Soolos display proves to be a true challenge.I tried to arrange the music by composer,it only works sometimes,it will pick up conductor,or soloist names a real mess.Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.As to the sound quality it is great no harshness,excellent bass,you can easily identify each instrument and it location.The one playback which seems to sound better,is the CD played on the Zanden 2000p transport using the 861 DAC.However, I have not listened long enough to the system to do an in depth comparison.I had a major improvement in my system since I started driving the low frequency of the German Physics Loreleys with the Electrocompanient Nemo amps.At this point I am very happy with sound of my main system,FINALLY .
I hope someone posts the answer. I have been considering the Sooloos and despite much searching have found little information in the way of how the unit handles classical music metadata. Your post confirms my fear. Meridian use All Music Guide for their metadata and from I was told by a dealer, the Absolute Sound reviewer (who did not mention this issue at all) did tell Meridian that they need to have more fields for classical. Supposedly AMG have data which is not being used by the server vendors (read this in an interview with the AMG people somewhere).

I am experimenting with an Olive Opus which does have multiple fields but the auto entry generally misses things and the interface for editing is slow. I am thinking about going back to a Mac Mini as my server - it's fast, you can edit or enter data manually and NOT let the machine screw things up.

I've also thought about Qsonix but I don't think they handle classical music well, either. The one other system I've tried is Naim and they seem to be okay and geared towards classical. Good luck with finding help.

BTW, you have a nice system. I have MBL speakers and am very enamored of the radial imaging, such as you have with your GPs.

Bill; I have the new Qsonix 205; and interface it with my Meridian 861 v4.2. It works fantastic; I have had no probelms with meta data or storage; and its user interface in my opinion is clearly superior to the Sooloos. The new digital output boards on this unit are made by Wadia, and they eliminated the fan noise that plagued the earlier version, 105 and 110. The sound is improved from the earlier version; and it handles the hi-res downloads from HD tracks with ease.

just my two cents; having had experience with both, in a similiar set up; by the way, I have MBL 111'es, and love them also. Try the Qsonix; I think you'll be pleased.