Help on Proac Tablette

I have a pair of original Proac Tablette and would like to use it as the front speakers for my AV system ( I live in an apartment), could anybody please tell me if I go for a Proac CC2 center channel, will it match the little Tablette?? Any reply will be greatly appreciated.
Hello. I believe the CC2 is voiced to match the current Response line of speakers. I own both Tablette 50 Signatures and Response 1SCs and while they share the same tweeter and have very similar sonic characteristics, I don't think the Tab 50s and the original Tablettes share the same drivers. I would think the whole ProAc family has a similar sound and many people use mains with centers from different manufacturers, so using the CC2 with your original Tablettes would probably work fine. Good luck and happy listening.
I have a pair of Tablettes and they integrate very nicely with the Response CC1, despite the fact that the CC1 is actually from a different part of the ProAc line.