Help on Polk Audio SDA2

I just inherit a pair of these. The smaller verison with 2 5.5" bass and and 12" passive. The connection is very different. Beside the regular inputs from the amp. There is another connection using a proprietary "interconnect cable", connecting the two speakers together. I don't have the "interconnect cable".
Can I drive them without the "interconnect cable"?
What is the effect without it?
Do you know the sensitivity of the speakers and impedance?
Thank you for any suggestion.
I had a pair of those. Yes, you can drive them without the interconnect. It will narrow the soundstage some. The cable is to cancel crosstalk distortion and there by increase the stereo effect. As I remember the effect was very small. They are 6 ohms and I think around 90db. By the way the woofers are 6.5" not 5.5". I enjoyed mine for several years, I hope you enjoy them as well.
There are a couple of people on the Polkaudio forum ( that build their own cables you may want to check over there. Polk still sells them I think.
Thank you very much "Setter" and "Wcj56" for very helpful info.
Those are not SDA 2's. I have the SDA 2b's which are very large, have 4 midrange drivers per cabinet and 2 high Freq drivers per cabinet.

I have an interconnect cable. I know from contacts with Polk five years ago that they no longer made them or had them available.

You can play the speakers without the cable just fine, but it defeats the whole point of owning them. The interconnect cable is what made the SDA effect come alive. Without the SDA effect, they are just average speakers.