help on picking new old processor please...

price point is 500-700..basic 5:1 system...80% sports and movies...old school stuff of 804 matrix B&W, emotiva 5-channel amp, cdm and htm B&W for center and surround..

dont need HDMI switching...
ready for any suggestions, have thought on my list so far

lexicon mc-4
sunfire grand theater II or better
love to hear what people think..
A B&K Reference 50 S2 is a nice processor. A sweet sounding feature rich pre/pro without HDMI in your price range.

Anthem would also be a good choice.

I really like my Classe SSP 60. Don't see many used but it has been a great unit.
Put the Parasound 7100 on your list too. These are currently going for $500-$600 used.
If you have a very minimal system (1 digital coax, 1 optical digital and one L/R RCA analog input) you can run a Meridian 565 without the 562V which adds a lot more inputs. The 561 is an all-in-one box but has lower quality pre-amp section. Both options could be had under your price range.
i'm surprised theta hasn't been mentioned here - casa nova's can be found at or below your budget, and casablanca's can be found for just a bit more than your targeted budget. i've owned proceed, meridian, and theta, and found the theta casablanca to have the best audio performance of them all.
What about the Arcam AVP700? It's at the low end of the price point, but the reviews seem pretty positive.
I Marantz AV8003 that I am trying to sell. 7.1 channels, Audyssey with microphone, upconverts to 1080,,, google it for all the spec's. It was Marantz's Flagship pre/pro until the just released Av8801. Also, the sonics are far superior to the AV7005 as I tried the 7005 and sold it to keep my 8003 because of the sound quality. I'll sell it today for $825.00 including shipping and Paypal. It is in excellent condition!
I'd add the Emotiva DMC-1 to the list since its basically a Sunfire Theater Grand IV and can be found cheaper only due to the badge on the front panel.
Today I still use my Arcam AV8.
She was one of the best and obviously built to last.
Think were going on 7yrs now and no hiccups.
Seen them here for around 8-900.
If I needed a used solid performer,this would be my pick.
New they were 5000.00
thanks for all the great advice, felt like a kid in a candy shop, decided to pick up a lexicon mc-4..felt i got a fair price and with a year warranty to boot--just felt comfortable with the brand as it had served me well for years...
thanks again..
MC4 is a good unit. I used one for several years until one day it just didn't turn on. Still looks like new in the original box with original manual and accessories. Be happy to send it to you for the cost of shipping, if you want it for spare parts. Send me a PM if you're interested.
Marco, what a generous offer, one I would gladly accept if I could find out how to send you a PM.
Arrgh. Email me at Thanks.