Hello all, I know this has been discussed many times but I would like advice on my old Theta Data II transport and Pro Basic II DAC. I would like to purchase either a new DAC or CD player to bring me closer to what I hear when I'm listening to vinyl playback. I would like spend up to $1500 for a DAC and $2500 for a player. The rest of my gear is Audio Research and VPI/Grado. I just got back into this after a long layoff so any sugesstions would really be of help. Thanks, John
Personally, I would purchase a PC (Mac or Windows) and buy an external DAC and be done with it. You will surpass the quality of a stand alone player IMO. If you purchase a Mac itunes is all you need as it's bit perfect out of the box. If you go Windows, you will need EAC or some other software.

I went this route and have never looked back...
Try out a Lexicon RT-20 for $1000, spend extra funds on AC conditioning- you will blow away any $2500 machine.