Help on integrated amp?

I'm looking at buying an integrated amp for a winter home. I have Thiel 1.2 speakers that I am shipping down. I was considering a Classe CAP80/100/101, Bryston B60, and a combination of Rotel pre/poweramps or integrated amp. I'd like to stay under $1000. Thanks.
Of those you mention, the Classe would be the best choice, by far, for sound quality and system matching. I like the Bryston B60 very much, I owned one, but it is very revealing and I think a terrible match with the Theils. Also, at sixty watts, I am not sure it would allow them to be at their best. The best I ever heard Theils sound, was in a showroom, connected to Classe seperates. They were connected with all Nordost cabling, which, to be honest, surprised me. This was at Lyric Hifi, in N.Y.
classe is your best choice. Theils can be a little birght at times so matching it with the classe will give you a very natural presentation.
Also listen to the Audio Refinement Complete (made by YBA).
Of the ones you mentioned, Classe is the best, especially for Thiels. For a thousand dollars, I really don't think you could de better. Have fun
I most definitely agree with all of the above recommendations for the Classe. Because of its often very low impedance, the Thiel represents a very hard load for an amplifier -- especially an integrated one -- to drive, which may be why you sometimes read negative comments about the speakers when it may be the amplifier that is at fault. Having investigated this issue myself about a year ago when I also owned a speaker with an unusually low impedance, I do know for a fact that Thiel often recommends Classe amplifiers specifically because of their ability to handle difficult speaker loads.
Your name wouldn't happen to stand for Dartmouth Class of 58? Coming from an 87. Thanks for the input.