Help on finding an in wall center speaker

I'm putting together a theater and am using paradigms all the way around. I'm confused on what to use for an in wall center speaker. Paradigm does not have an in wall center speaker. B&W does. Any recommendations or thoughts? Thanks again in advance for your help.
B&W sells a ton of their in-wall speakers: I've heard them and they sound good to me. You might also check out Polk'n new amplified in-walls as well as RBH's line (pricier but also much more dynamic w/higher power handling ability).
Thanks for the input Bojack. I'll check into the Polk and RBH. It's a large room and so the power handling is important.
Is it a bad thing to use the same speakers for Front/center/rear? I bought 5 of the B&W cwm650 in-walls. Should I have bought their center?
Thanks Surewest. I was told to do just what you did. I did want a dedicated center for a center and not just using another main. Thanks for backing up my hunch.
Just moved from a house where we had installed a small HT system in the master bedroom about 18 months prior to our relocation. The speakers included all B&W Speakers: 2-CWM650s as r/l fronts (in wall), the Cinema Series dedicated Center Channel (in wall), and 2-CWM500s as rears (in ceiling). These were driven by a Rotel RSDX-02 (combination a/v receiver with DVD-A)...a nice system for a room size of 17' by 13'. The B&W in-wall dedicated Center Channel provided crisp, clear dialogue...more so than adding another CWM650. I've also heard the CWM800s and B&W's higher-end in-walls...all were outstanding.

I've also owned RBH in-ceiling speakers in two other homes, and they did an excellent job as rear surrounds but haven't used them in an application in any other form. To my ears, the Polks sound dark and veiled...they didn't throw as dynamic a soundstage for movies and didn't sound quite as good in music applications (with DVD-A and redbook CD) as the B&Ws or RBH speakers. Another worthwhile contender for consideration: Triad speakers.

Good luck with your HT project!
Thanks gang for all your help. I'll probably go with the B&W Cinema dedicated center but will look at the
RBH and Triads. I have heard the Polks and they are just as you said. Any other input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys for all your help!!!!