Help on Esoteric P-500 transport

I have an Esoteric P-500 transport that has been lightly used since the mid 90. Recently, it began to skip on CDs that were working fine previously. Cosmetically, it is in great condition. I still have the remote and box. I am not sure what to do with it now. Does any one know what might be the problem ? Is it repairable considering that it is at least 14 years old ? What would be the cost to fix it ?
Thanks for all your help.
The problem is probably a capacitor somewhere in the player. The one problem that all electrical equipment has is the caps will go bad eventually. Big or small, they fail, often gradually. So, my advice is get thee to a good repair person, who can check to specs.. (of course, that means they have to HAVE the specs...)
(Sometimes a bad cap will show dried up fluid around its base...)
From experience, I had a player from new, and after 10 years of perfect service it started to not play so well. It was a capacitor.
The laser may well need replacement.
The TEAC VRDS transports are great but the rails for the laser transport should be cleaned and lightly oiled every few years or so for trouble free operation.
Also some of he VRDS transports 10,20 and 25 have belts that should be replaced also.
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Call Esoteric 323-726-0303 ext. 617
Hi, it is repairable. I had a fuse blow out on me and also the head was not tracking the CDs. I took it back to Teac headquarter and they changed out the laser and it works like a beauty.
Bidding on a P-500. Currently using a DVD-50 as player Sorry I sold my DAC. Any info or tips Helpful.